In the Arms of an Angel

Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful .. beautiful song, Andy. He sang it beautifully and I hope that he did win this contest.

You must have been prompted by my late daughter, Amelia .. who had passed on .. at the age of 19 – to share this song with us.

This was her all time favorite song. My 2 nephews (in The Netherlands) did a lovely short memorial compilation of her and they use this beautiful song for the lovely memorial CD gift to me.

I know that Amelia is letting me know that she’s with me .. all the time as I’ve been thinking of her .. for the past week or so. It will be soon that when we arrive at the door of the 5th dimension, we will embrace each other once again.

Thank you for the validation and comfort you’ve brought me. Sending the brightest Reiki blessings to You, during this lifetime. Namaste – Agnes Khoo Schwenk


In the Arms of an Angel… Enjoy… Andy… Namaste

Source: Angel


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