Three Phases of The Unveiling

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Everything that’s happening is related to bloodlines and the origins of humanity. This is all going to be displayed publicly starting with events that are already in motion. These will reach a tipping point for the next phase around the end of this season.

There are three phases to “The Unveiling”. The Unveiling is related to the not only the secret projects, but ultimately the true nature and origins of humanity, consciousness, and space/time.

Unveiling Topics and Advanced Technology

Phase 1, Celebrity Cloning, Ethics, Cloning Centers, Genetic Engineering

The first phase is the celebrity cloning and the underground bases. This leads into ethics issues and publicly acknowledged “crimes against the nature or the Earth”. Along with this, the advanced technology that is related to cloning, consciousness transfer, mind control and zero-point energy will begin to come into view.

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