Trump vs Media Will Propell Greater Awakening & Disclosure

Deus Nexus

deusnexus_100For those of us in the Alt-media world, it’s easy to be amused by the unfolding, take-no-prisoners war between President Elect Donald Trump and the Mainstream (Fake) Media – case in point, Trump’s first official press conference and shouting match with CNN’s Jim Acosta, where Trump called CNN “Fake News!”

Unfortunatley, this is just the beginning of a year that is bound to be ugly and contentious. I suspect the media wars are going to get full on crazy as we enter a period of unraveling and slow disclosure. And while we might be amused by the infighting and mudslinging, it is probably best to stand outside of it and try to rise above it.

In what has already become an ugly war of words, I believe Trump will ultimately win. Had CNN played it smart, acted professional, and just waited for Trump to screw up before pouncing, they would be in control of the narrative. However, since…

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