Mass Mind-Control or Mass Naivety and Laziness; The Alien Agenda and Spiritual Philosophy

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

People Desire Better But are Blind to The Truth of Their Situation

The cars driving with noise and pollution yet there is a cleaner better way and a whole society that lives that way. The people would choose this yet they are tricked into accepting debt slavery and pollution while the other society watches on and attempts to help by bringing light to the situation and deception.

This is the mass mind-control situation humanity currently faces.

Naivety, Satire, Confusion

The greatest deception is to enable one to laugh at their own demise. To unwittingly smile in the face of self-destruction and to take part in their own annihilation. That is the greatest trick that can be played.

Many people think this is a game, and this is part of the mind-control as well as simply dangerous naivety on their behalf.

People are grown in cages in their minds and in…

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