Antarctica ‘Mysterious Structure Discovered’ & ‘Massive Iceberg To Break Away’

Deus Nexus


Source:Ascension with Mother Earth

Ascension With Earth blog is continuously monitoring many different news feeds that relate to Antarctica.  “Insiders” like Corey GoodeDavid WilcockKent Dunn, and many others over the years have presented information that shows that secret military bases, Nazi outposts, Reptilian extraterrestrial bases, and ancient civilizations do exist in the icy continent of Antarctica.

They have also been promoting that public disclosure will be coming soon in regards to a major discovery of an ancient civilization.  Two different news stories and soft disclosures emerged suggesting to the public that more awareness should be given to Antarctica.

The following news stories are suggesting that a man made structure is now seen protruding from the ice showing an unnatural dome like structure.  The other news story is about a massive iceberg which is about to break off from mainland Antarctica, suggesting a possibility that…

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