Dialogue with “Hidden Hand”, Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider | Stillness in the Storm – 7th January 2017

‘Self Mastery’ is the core foundational school of learning here. Each of us perceive it .. on many different levels and depths of ‘feeling’ it. Empaths have the hardest time but the path is that of mastery and balance.

We may ‘witness’ and/or ‘read about’ all the extreme egotistic energy ‘playing’ in the arena .. it doesn’t mean that we should ‘accept’ it but that also doesn’t mean that we should make judgments or conclude any ‘feelings’ about it .. simply that we’re using the ‘scenario’ to learn how to transform and transmute all extreme negative energy as and when we are ‘inspired’ or ‘prompted’ or ‘asked/requested for’ assistance from those who are in it.

If what the Hidden Hand group is saying .. that they are here as part of a catalyst plan to ‘awaken’ humanity to learn on this level ‘hands-on’ …. we are to ‘perceive’ it as it is and not to take it personally. But it doesn’t mean that we’re saying ‘it’s all right for them to ‘continue’ doing it for this long and have taken it this far deep into total horror, pain and destruction of Mother Earth Gaia.

We stand up tall, we own up to our sovereign capabilities, master it and do our ‘magic’.

We are to focus on all that’s positive and envision all ‘that was’ .. into all ‘it is’. (‘that was’ is the past of misdeeds and we transmute and transform the ‘that was’ into the – ‘it is’ the present that we should be focusing in our Now .. the ever present of who are we in the moment.

Meaning, as long as we ‘know’ that there were ‘misdeeds’ being created by the negative force – We, who are in the Now of All It Is .. we keep on focusing and envisioning the beautiful and pristine state of being .. of the current Now that we are always in … forward .. always in the Now .. never look back!!!

We don’t know how ‘true’ the HH ‘story’ is .. and we don’t care … because they say .. what they ‘need’ to say .. to fulfill their ‘deeds/assignments’ while we do the best that we can to fulfill ours – the positive group of the divine love and light (because saying just ‘light’ can also mean ‘false light’) and we need to stress and point out the precise difference.

Do not form any kind of ‘conclusion’ about what’s ‘right’ or what’s ‘wrong’. It is not for us to judge .. while at the same time, we ‘know’ the difference between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ deeds .. and if/when we read or witness the ‘wrong’ deeds, we can choose to transmute and  transform our thoughts within our sacred heart space (without any kind of judgement) to all that’s beautiful, loving and positive.

That’s all we need to know, learn,  focus and act upon it. And so it is . Namaste – Agnes Khoo Schwenk

** Note –  This is a very, very long, long read … Read with much love and great discernment and non judgmental heart and mind frame.


The Hidden Hand dialogue is an enigmatic exchange that took place on the Above Top Secret forum in 2008, nearly ten years ago. The Hidden Hand claims to be a member of an “Illuminati” group that came to Earth eons ago to help propel the spiritual evolution of this planet. Although the dialogs are debated as to their authenticity, it is evident to anyone who has studied esoteric teachings and occult spiritual knowledge that there is an abundance of merit to what is described. Those capable of contemplating ideas without accepting them will find the below dialogs highly stimulating, an excellent exercise of philosophic exploration leading to an expansion of spiritual comprehension.

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Source: Dialogue with “Hidden Hand”, Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider | Stillness in the Storm


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