Ancient Cloning 

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Ancient Cloning, Soul-Stealing and Religion

Long ago everyone in this realm was brought aboard an enourmous hovering electrogravitic craft and was individually cloned in order to get to this timeline.

This is what some of the “alternative” religions are referencing when they mention cloning tubes or soul-stealing operation that resulted in this civilization.

Borrowed Time and Temporal Gateways

As a result of the development of the technology that enabled temporal distortion the point of receiving information and eventually distorting time streams via holographic consciousness insertion and memory modification our past was convoluted by our future.

Temporal-Causal Anchors

Because this was utilized through machinery which requires continuous “time loops” which are like paradoxes then everything that is temporally anchored then when these distortions are solved then all events appear to merge back to the original outline where the devices were never used to disrupt existenc in the first place. One could…

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