Starships and the Holographic Apocalypse

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Starships and the Holographic Apocalypse

The situation of the underground bases has evolved to the point of each of the various factions that had formed moving into the atmosphere and literally becoming atmospheric civilizations to themselves.

They have everything they need on-board the electrogravitic craft that can be powered indefinitely.

There are molecular replicator systems that can 3D print the tools that are required to modify or repair any section of the craft.

Brief passes through certain areas can locate and molecularly teleport (one particle at a time) entire caches of resources to regularly maintain supplies and perishables.

Sure enough, some of the so-called “drug-running” rings are literally to cover-up this fact that these resources are either being stolen by rogue factions or are being utilized for unacknowledged special access programs where the funds that are generated and the funds that are spent will never be recorded on paper but…

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