Secret Space Program, Time Wars, Bloodlines and Power

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

The Progenitors

The original bloodlines, factions, and civilization formers have been ‘marooned’ in alternative dimensions having been stalked and replicated by the parasitical beings for their power.

The original explorers have essentially faced the threat of being ‘lost in time’, away from the original timeline without link to the starting point of this whole situation.

Humanity has to come together to secure the original essences of humanity, the original bloodlines.

Genetics Harvesting

The purpose of the created beings who are genetically engineered non-human class entities are to act as a military force as well as a reproduction facilitating faction.

IE: These beings can reproduce offspring with human males and females (there was some discrepancy at first) and these offspring will either be of the fallen genetics lacking the ability to hold a human soul or they will ‘skip’ the genetic release of the fallen genetics although these genetics will remain…

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