Created Beings and The Spiritual Degradation System

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

The reason the various agencies are a bit eccentric at times appearing to break the law is because they know the truth that this is a prison planet! There are no laws other than that which keeps you alive and spiritually sustained!

The reason they seemingly disregard certain aspects of so-called normalcy is because they know that the majority of people here are literally transmogrified demons in human suits! What society are you representing!?

This is the result of the created beings gaining the technology, via human slaves, to modify and reconstruct DNA! This they learned to generate entirely created forms that can then interface with human forms through technologically sustained spiritually degraded pathways!

The spiritual degradation that is being portrayed all throughout the media and in all walks is literally the stepping down of frequency as in electrical components so as to enable a viable psycho-etheric connection between human…

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