Focus Sessions: 2017 Preditions

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Deus Nexus

Source:Focus Sessions | by Lynn

Businessman hand holding a Crystal Ball[This question was sent to me, and it felt natural to answer this before I continue on with what I see in 2017].  

Q. How accurate can psychic vision be at predicting the future?   Thank you
A.  Intuitives can be very accurate.  The real challenge is to determine and understand the information you are given.  The more practice you have at understanding your “symbol dictionary” the better because you really don’t want to add your own fingerprints to the message.

The goal is to relay what is given in a clear way.  I often see things in terms of symbols, but the message can be literal too, so I do my best to keep the message as pure as possible.  Sometimes the message contains an element of emotion (fear, panic, joy), so I include that or let that guide me as…

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