The Apocalypse, Simulcra and Simulation

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Post-Apocalypse Simulator

All the survivors will be placed into a simulator with a complete replication of the current local-Earth environment.

After the completion of the cycle of 26,000 years the individuals will be brought out of the simulator and judged based upon their development of that internal holographic world-environment.

Repeating Cycles

This may or may not happen on this timeline and this may or may not have previously occurred in order to produce this current timeline.

Quantum Entanglement In and Out of Life (simulated afterlife/soul trap)

The bodies of the humans of this timeline’s civilization may be the result of this process and therefore quantum mechanically attached to this simulator.

Genetically Modified Through Accelerated Simulated Time-Cycles

This may be, in part, why the human species does not relate to the other animals directly.

This species may have spent multiple 26,000 year cycles within a simulated environment generated through quantum supercomputers…

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