Group-Soul Trading, The Announcement Of The Secret Space Program and Disclosure

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Group Souls

Group souls or soul-groups incarnate into a ‘planetary’ physical experience.

The Earth experiment is a conglomeration of multiple group-souls of varying development and integrity.

Soul Trading

There is an agenda of a soul-group to consume and assimilate as many other souls as possible.

At the end of “time” whoever’s soul vibrates on a certain harmonic frequency merges with the corresponding group-soul vibration that has been on Earth.

This is seen as a kind of “trading game”. Some have turned this into a war, however.

Consciousness As Holographic Projection

This all has to do with conscious memory as a holographic projection and the larger portion of this existing in higher-dimensions or outside of the reach of the capacity of the physical brain.

Unlocking DNA and Healing Genetic Memory

The unlocking sequences for these memories are through experiences of mind and emotion. When certain frequencies are held for long enough…

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