Holographic Energy Harvesting Soul-Trap and Time-War

Let us all invoke, envision and co-manifest a clean, beautiful and natural Planet Earth with LOVE, Compassion, Forgiveness, Balance, Steadfast Faith and Grace. Whether we believe it or not .. We are capable of receiving graces and giving them. The more we give .. the more we will have .. recycling it back to us to give out more .. Try it .. you won’t be disappointed. Namaste

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

This is a holographic universe. The systems in his location have been compromised by an interdimensional virus. This replicate and rerouted the energy centers of sentient beings living in their nervous systems and the electromagnetic energy around them, literally in their thoughts and blood.

This timeline may be the last frequency expansion of universe meaning what happens here is not the “cosmic forethought” or “daydream” but the actual, final and eternal occurrence.

The process is that of energy leeching where a person is utilized as an etheric life-force or life-code well. The issue is that through dimensional technology a boundary has been set up around this plane so that souls may not permeate. As a result, people think they are here for dozens of years. We have all been here for millions of years. This is where the whole idea of extended karma and reincarnation comes from. Just see how…

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