The Misconception of the Ascension Process

quote {{{ The similarity between the RA Material and that of the Pleiadians are remarkable, especially as they approach the same thing from two different angles. I find this fascinating and convincing, as they seemingly are not from the same collective. Both the Pleiadians and RA are talking about “ascending” to a New Earth of higher vibration, which can carry our new, higher consciousness. RA call it the Harvest, and although the Pleiadians use this term once or twice as well, they are saying that Earth will basically be splitting into two Earths, metaphysically speaking; one will stay in 3-D while one will be a 4-D Earth.

The RA Material, as well as the “Cassiopaeans”, “Germane”, “The Pleiadians”, “Hidden Hand”, and others are distinguishing between Service to Self (STS) and Service to Others (STO). These terms will be more closely discussed in a separate section of one of the “Soulution Papers”, but for those who are totally unfamiliar of the terms, here’s a brief explanation, as presented by the RA Material:

Service to Others (STO), for those to which this term is new, means that a person is ready to serve their fellow man and their environment when help is needed and asked for. This is done unconditionally, without the person asking him/herself, “what is in it for me?” You simply don’t expect anything in return. If someone wants to pay back for your service, it may be accepted, as this is the other person’s way of feeling gratitude, but should never be asked for or bargained for. STO is done out of Unconditional Love, which is a basic attribute of Source.

Service to Self (STS) is, as the term indicates, the opposite. If you do something for others, you always ask yourself what you can gain from it. You don’t do things to help others out of Unconditional Love for All That Is, but for your own benefit. The Service to Self person is experiencing a manifestation of Source where taking is much more important than giving.

STS indicates that it’s the work of the Ego. I need to add that there is nothing wrong with having an ego. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to think intellectually. In some factions of the New Age movement it is important to get rid of the ego because the ego is something bad and egotistical. Not necessarily so, though. It’s only when the ego totally takes over and the person acts like a “besserwisser” that ego becomes a problem, or rather an obstacle to opening up your heart.

According to Ra and many other metaphysical sources, it’s okay to be either way, it’s just polarity and different experiences. However, karma is always an issue, and those who choose STS sooner or later have to deal with their own karma, so that they may suddenly find themselves on the other end of the rope, where someone else is taking advantage of them to the same degree they did it to others. So it’s just a matter of choice, and either way, we all return to Source, according to Ra, although it will be harder and take longer if we choose the STS route.

Both Hidden Hand and Ra say that if you are more than 97% negative, or STS, you ascend to 4th Density Negative, where you have to gradually live out your karma. This is something compared to living hell, similar to what we sometimes see in movies, where everybody is fighting against each other without remorse, and they all have to watch their backs 24/7 and trust no one. Not a desirable place to be. }}} unquote

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Deus Nexus Note: I had this article formated, sitting in my queue, just waiting for the right moment to post. Apparently this is the right moment, with the recent news of galactic wave activity hitting the Earth.

“The Wes Penre Papers,
A Journey through the Multiverse”

Paper #3

The Misconception of the Ascension Process
and the Nature of Channeling

by Wes Penre, Friday, February 18, 2011

1. The Ascension Fraud

It may feel like the rug is being swept away underneath the feet of those who believe in Ascended Masters who will come and save us, and ascension processes that just happen out of the blue. I don’t want to put the whole New Age movement under one big umbrella, but we need to realize (the sooner, the better) that there will be no sudden shift of consciousness that is magically going to lift those who are “enlightened” to the 4th or 5th Dimensions…

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