Channel: Advice on how to handle pre-pole-shift situations – by Chris Thomas Wakefield @ Surviving The Pole Shift

The plot leading up the Pole-Shift (PS) is messy. We know that many unexpected interruptions such as: blockages-to-movement, family considerations and contrary financial conditions may appear, but silent cooperation to these events is important. This means passive responses to aggressive conditions are paramount. As you navigate the physical and emotional landscape, keep in mind that many of your fore-bearers are watching and guiding your pathway through the PS and into the After-Time (AT).

For those who feel stuck in a relationship with a partner who refuses to acknowledge the fact of an impending PS, you who endure will be assisted, just wait and see. Therefore the message here is patience, forbearance and love, these are your immediate pillars of support. Those who identify with this message will find the way forward opened up for them. The question in my mind though, is “where is the the support for those innocents in denial or any incarnate soul that otherwise cannot accept a PS reality, those who have played a part in the Planet X cover-up, and amazingly, those who are sitting in their Colorado bunkers during the PS at the expense of the public they have betrayed and abandoned.?”

The Spirit of Life carries the only ultimate finality for those below in the playground of Earth. It is up to us to manage our own lots, the lots we were given. So be it.

Life is just, you just have to wait. Those who find it difficult in the meanwhile need only ask for help, but be specific I say. We are not a culture that is used to being highly specific about what we want. We beat around in the bush until what we want somehow comes running out to escape the din. It’s better, especially now, to learn to be very direct about when, where and what we need. Of course if we ask for rain, then we may be asked to dig a well, or if we ask for money we will be presented with an opportunity to work. If you have fear, ask then for the fear to be lifted and we will likely be presented with an opportunity that requires courage or perhaps a way forward into unfamiliar territory.

The hell is the dither. Hell is ok, though, I go there often, say hello to it and leave when I’m ready. When we hold back our desires, avoid declaring our needs to ourselves, or stay in situations that are toxic to our health, this is the human hell of dithering. Contemplation, dreaming, mind-less-ness, a walk in a snow storm or a spell by a creek is part of the cure, however. It is also healthy to admit to ourselves that we are indecisive, waiting in a loop or in a funk, these emotional zones are valuable to ourselves and otherwise it is still OK to be where we are at any time. The key here is not to overlay expectations on ourselves, but to purely accept who we are, where we are at any time. The spiritual eye is ever watching over us and is waiting for that right opportunity to lift the soul to a new life, understanding and a rush of permanent joy.

The AT is organized. Those who attract illness will die. Those who fight the AT will find conflict and find death by “the sword” and those who thieve will find a diminishing and back-walking life. But those who Love will find love and loving people, those who seek joy will find a joyful life and others about them will be joyful and those passionate about life will find their plate full of what they are passionate about.

In the AT the story is really about Gaia and her transition to a higher dimension. Now who wouldn’t want to ride with Gaia to the next dimension or die trying? Needless to say, she protects her own and you can count on that.

Source: Channel: Advice on how to handle pre-pole-shift situations |


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