This is what you will do to save Earth. To Save Earth, Visualize

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Visualization also works through harmonics. Visualization is harmonics.

Link from David Hopkins

You will visualize the successive transmission of energy from the base of your being into the highest most refined layer.

The visualization of color frequency tone, will occur alone or with conscious generation of sound frequency tone.

When these combine and erect a visual internal spine overlayed within and around your physical and silent external spine, you will have generated the portion of your light body relative to the sustenance of your existence on the physical plane.

This plane is the heart center realm of the living cosmic universal being.

The heart center is challenged by the ego and the imbalanced darkness of the night of the soul.

To strengthen, we are to balance and organize the darkness below, and the ego through the relative expansion of the visualization frequencies and sound harmonic tones of the corresponding…

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