Other Intelligences Attempt to Superimpose Their Consciousness Over Humanity; Compassion Is Key

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

This is another of the tough subjects.

Note: The final instructions I was given was that Humanity survives at least partially. They said no Human is left behind. So that is the final say, yet until people are aware of what has happened and the true nature of reality they will be vulnerable to lower consciousness constructs or programs.

Basically the bell was a kind of temporal acceleration device that could also reposition itself in space.

This device set up electromagnetic fields that interact with Earth’s fields, or the universes field(s).

When a person’s DNA reached this acceleration point, then all the various additions, splices, partialities, or combinations would smooth out. The person would become whatever the most prominent sections of their DNA would allow for or result in.

To make this very very strange and somewhat horrifying topic short, some people would shift into a kind of reptilian…

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