Farsight’s Time-Cross Remote Viewing December Predictions @ Transients.info

*** Very Important note ;
Thank you, Laron Smith – for posting this at transients.info.
*** Namaste Earth Families,
This remote viewing video, feels like it is the last galactic and spiritual battle with Yaldabaoth and its minions.
Our galactic family and the Resistant Movement is fighting the last galactic battle with Yaldabaoth. We, as light workers, healers, praying warriors, earth angels etc … can all assist with this last galactic and spiritual battle.
The city depicted in the last case scenario is in the NE of USA – am not going to say where it is at … but we are all working with this information.
Have already informed our higher selves about this remote viewing video, our Divine Father Mother One and the Resistant Movement.
Will link this video on my fb page and whoever is supposed to work on this .. will see it.
Stay calm, keep the balance and the time to send out love, light and blessings is Now!!
We all need consistent meditation, prayers and healing assistance as much as we can.
Please send love, light and blessings to the Plasma Vortex/Plane, the outer barrier and the etheric planes throughout all timelines and multi dimensional aspects of the scenarios in this video. Please send multi faceted protective shields and layers of protection to our Galactic and Resistant Movement working round the clock.
Sending the brightest Rainbow Reiki Blessings to All as One.
P/s – To all ground crews, city/town councils and Resistant Movement, Cobra, Prepare For Change Movements, Lightworkers, Healers, Praying Warriors, Earth Angels, Grid Weavers, Rainbow Highway Builders, Blue Ray Beings, First Wave Blue Ray Indigo, Stillness in the Storm etc … please take this important note … please plan, pray, meditate and act accordingly. Thank you.

Dick Allgire, Aziz Brown and PrinCess Jeaneé are the remote viewers for this session, as they look into the possible events of the month of December, 2016.

>>> Watch the remote viewing video here ….

Source: Farsight’s Time-Cross Remote Viewing December Predictions


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