Alchemy of Power: The Pharma Industry – By MIRJA HOLTROP – The Dr. Rath Health Foundation

Its History, Its Drugs, And How It Manipulates The World


During the Middle Ages, knowledge about the healing properties of plants mainly came from druids and witches. These people knew about nature and healing and could treat health problems such as inflammation or small wounds with simple mixtures of leaves and herbs. But this eventually made them a threat to the Church.

Catholicism was very powerful and did not accept any solutions to disease other than prayer, obedience, and generous financial donations. Even if there was no cure available for a disease during a person’s lifetime on Earth, a great life in heaven was promised to them afterwards. So druids, witches, and their natural remedies represented a threat to this model. Labeled as evil, they were brutally eradicated.

Today’s illegal drugs were yesterday’s legal ones

In the early 1900s cocaine and heroin were legal, everyday drugs. Heroin was used for calming kids, cocaine for stimulating metabolism and appetite, and both were prescribed as mood enhancers.

C.F. Boehringer from Mannheim, Germany, was proud to be the world’s leading cocaine producer. Even wines often contained cocaine, and so were consequently in huge demand. Pope Leo XIII awarded a gold medal to winemaker Angelo Mariani for his invention of cocaine-enriched wine. On the label of Maltine wine, produced in New York, people were instructed to consume a full glass during and after meals, with children recommended to take a half glass full. Metcalf was another famous cocaine-wine that was popular as a party drink. Vapor-OL was a mix of alcohol and opium that was claimed to cure asthma and spasms.

As wine bottles were too bulky to put in handbags, ladies instead carried small cocaine tablets with them when they went out. These were supposedly used to enhance mood and treat the vocal cords. For avoiding sore throats, such tablets were seen as essential for singers, mothers with young children, and teachers. Children were even given cocaine tablets for toothache. It only cured the symptoms, of course, and the pain soon came back once the effects of the drug wore off. Even today, dentists use a modified form of cocaine known as Lidocaine to numb nerves before surgery.

Image: By Maksym Kozlenko (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Another example is a drug known as Paregoric, produced by Stickney & Poor`s, which contained 46% alcohol and a large percentage of pure opium. Unbelievably it was recommended as a sleeping aid for newborns, who were to be given 3 drops daily. 8 drops daily were advised for 8 day old babies; 25 drops for 5-year-olds; and an entire tablespoon for adults. No doubt everyone slept well.

Today there are museums in Germany, such as in Dortmund and Heidelberg, where you can see medicine bottles and jars from those bygone days. It is worth a visit, they’re very educational!

The legal drugs of today

It would be wishful thinking to pretend that dangerous drug-based medicines no longer exist. The nightmare is still out there, every day. We are confronted with it the minute we get sick and go to our doctor seeking medical treatment.

A pharmaceutical product containing Warfarin.

The chemical drugs prescribed by conventional doctors cause multiple side effects. While our body understands – and can safely metabolize – natural molecules, the synthetic manmade chemicals that ….

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Source: Alchemy of Power: The Pharma Industry | The Dr. Rath Health Foundation


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