Urgent Message and Update from Prime Creator- Galactic Connection – 15th November 2016 – @YouTube

Published on Nov 15, 2016

The text of the message is as follows:

To Alexandra

1) The dismantling and release of various matrices has finally occurred as follows:
(a) The Mind Matrix of: Control, Conquering and Defeat, Death and Destruction, Polarity, Duality
(b) The Mind Matrix of Consciousness, Subconsciousness, the Known and Unknown Minds of
consciousness, dream state, innate consciousness. They are being removed with all things
with a consciousness.
(c) The 3d and 4D Matrix Systems of all things known and unknown.
(d) The Matrix of Mother Earth and Her assets and resources.
(e) The Matrix of Meridians, Vortices, Power Sources, Longitude and Latitude Grids
(f) The release and dismantling of these systems are also being released from all physical shells that
are connected to and run through the nervous system and of all physical shells of all things
with a consciousness.
(g) These Matrix Systems were devised to run on their own through mechanisms and various
complex delivery systems – including those delivered to physical shells as separate
components, that would connect, create a device or mechanisms, and then later be
activated through a coded frequency to turn them on in your physical vessel and sabotage you indefinitely.
They also created kill switches in the brain.
(h) These Matrix Systems connected to your cellular structures, DNA, essence, nervous system, spinal cord and brain.
(i) Delivery Systems were enacted upon you through:
a. Vaccinations with implants and chemical components
b. Chem-trail disbursement – though the air which allows these chemical components and implants to be absorbed through
breathing, skin and food
c. An encoded Frequency to activate and trigger emotional reaction.
d. Once the encoded frequency was sent, it then is activated to combine with other
components that were delivered and ingested into the body, to combine to make a
device or mechanisms in the body. This directly effects the physical shell by inherently causing
destruction of itself and others. This includes manipulating you on their terms. Now
they are ready to use you at their will, while the host has no clue nor did they ever agree to
e. Creation of Destruction in all known and unknown ways through the means of
others without ever taking ownership of their own creation. This has in turn created an arm of
enslaved beings, races, worker bees, who have never awakened which that alone creates further

Here are the updates of things moving forward and completed for humanity.

2) The Dark Seed of Dark Matter has been removed from Earth along with its matrix system, and the web-netting connected under the earth, above the earth and to all of the sectors and beyond.

(a) This also has all been removed in all sectors.
(b) This is a component of the Quantum Entanglement Matrix Systems
(c) All Seeds that were created from this Dark Matter: Including all seeds of Creation for all life forms
with a consciousness have been removed.
(d) Removal of the Black Sticky Goo from its existence has occurred.
(e) All fabrics of energy, and Holograms have been removed.
(f) Even a removal of all connections to all things in this letter, which provide a feeding source of
energy, supported energy, to those who created this has been completed.

3) Beings should know all that has been described in number 1-2 has a direct effect and connection to one’s
own physical shell, mentally and spiritually.
(a) Beings need to understand removal to these things and systems is the releasing of all
the last carbon structures in the physical shell.
(b) Beings on this physical plane should expect to feel and may have a sense of confusion, an inability to think and function and be extremely tired. If you are on the path of
enlightenment and feeling unable to integrate, this is short lived.
(c) Beings who are unawakened, or not ascending will have an amplification of fear based
extreme symptoms of anger, rage, depression, anxiety, sense of loss, a sense of leaving need to figure out how to get off planet.

4) All Notices have been delivered to all souls on this planet who are exiting.

They are working on creating their own exit plans with Prime Creator individually. All will see the masses exit in various ways, chosen by individual souls and this will be starting shortly…. more than we are seeing now.

Prime Creator

Addendum from Alexandra, Thursday, Nov 17, 2016:

Hello All You Awesome Galacterians-!

A few people have wondered why I began my announcement yesterday with “I have received an email from Prime Creator.”

I have been working with and privy to much of the immense work that is being completed behind the scenes. It was decided to put direct messages received in an email so that I would communicate them to all of you in detail and without error.

I hope this clears up any questions about my first statement in November 15th’s recording.

Stay strong and remain calm for all is unraveling in Divine Proportions!

With love



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