Post-election – Day One: Astrology of Trump and the U.S.A – Exopermaculture


We will create what we think and say. Thank you for posting this. It’s truly wonderful to read such a positive post compared to ‘all else’.

We are what we think, say and do. I’ve just posted at my fb about keeping the calm and what’s within our heart core universe is most important right now then ‘seeing’ the external reality. Thought that I’d share …

Keep calm, keep the balance even though the external reality may seem differently. You may be witnessing situations which you don’t resonate with .. but it’s happening and manifesting because they are all energy .. merging with all else.

And .. it’s all right. As long as you keep on focusing from within your sacred heart space, keep on creating your own wishes and dreams and enjoying it at the same time because ‘joy’ is the ‘fuel’ which propels your dreams/wishes to the great Universe to be manifested at the appropriate time/moment.

Then .. release it .. let it go and not ‘worry’ or ‘think’ about it as it will manifest for you.

Do not allow the external situation to ‘upset’ you or create any imbalance with your core universe .. because your core universe is THE most important factor in your own journey. What you see/witness on the outside is what .. was being ‘created’ quite some time ago. This is a ‘delayed’ scenario .. it’s just coming together .. after all forms of desires/wishes/dreams merge, transmute and transform and than appear as a larger piece of a huge puzzle.

Have faith in yourself, in our Divine Father Mother God, the great Universe which is the ‘glue’ in making all this happen (divine energy) and your spiritual guides that’s guiding you all the time. You only have to stay still and listen and that’s your ‘first’ thought that will come into Being.

Always your first thought .. after that .. it’s merged and filtered through ego.

Be the Love,
Be the Peace,
Be the Compassion,
Be the Joy,
Be the Enabler,
Be the Giver,
Be the One in The Now of All That Is.

WE are all One. Regardless of what name, what parties, what labels etc.

WE are ALL One. Namaste


This morning, on my walk with puppy Shadow, we came across a construction site with two men working with a big machine. One of them caught my eye. I smiled, and yelled over the noise, “Welcome to Trumpland!” His face …


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Source: Post-election, day one: Astrology of Trump and the U.S.A – ExopermacultureExopermaculture


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