Do YOU – the Americans, understand the ‘energy’ that you all are putting in, when you vote?


By voting, You, the Americans –

1) Are placing a ‘legal stamp/chop’ of your whole physical being that you allow the current same old same old 3rd dimensional system, to continue governing the Americans and that you are giving them full support and approve whatever it was they did and continue to do .. what they ‘will’ continue to do.

2) When you ‘vote’ you are all saying, please continue to govern us with your ‘integrity’ (which they don’t have) and to continue misusing all the tax dollars for more war, more terrorizing, more support for the greedy corporations and most of all .. you are still ‘stuck’ with the same old same old 3rd dimensional matrix system.

3) You’re putting a legal stamp/chop that you all agree to the same issues and you all know that they won’t work for the spiritual Beings that you all are! They will only do what is best for themselves.

4) You are also say ‘yes’ to – Modern slavery, taxing and using the money for their secret space sweat shops, hiding all advance technologies so that you all will continue to pay them for fossil fuel usage and in the process of creating their own future to amass great wealth, they are destroying your sovereign rights to free clean water by allowing greedy corporations to privatize water (Nestle) … and

5) At the same time, contaminating our natural food resources when the gmo chemicals, gas and oil leaks into the air, soil, ocean and rivers, destroying the natural eco sytem of Mother Earth rendering Humanity as ‘captives’ of their manipulative and corrupt governmental systems …. and the lists goes on and one.

Do You, the Americans understand how far deep in the ‘shit-holes’ you all have managed to dig yourselves into????????????????????

Does this make any ‘common spiritual sense’ at all??


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