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Laron – “So it breaks the set, as in the new earth process?”
Lai – “Yes and then that new earth process will not happen anymore once they interfere with set A, it will not happen. But, they don’t know that 100%. (For sure you mean?) Yes, they don’t know that. Say if your Earth only had four sets of possibilities, and each set had eleven conditions that had to happen, one after the other, so if they interfere with one in set A, immediately another set is created. So they can never escape, but they don’t know that. But they are just trying to do this. (They won’t have new information about the new set?) Yes. They will keep on doing this. Let’s say that these eleven conditions, only as an example, this can be arranged in 11, if you do the permutation, you will see that there are eleven factorial time spot realities, so they cannot stop all, they will lose ultimately. This is delaying the shift.”

Laron – “Is there a point where they are no longer going to be able to delay it?”
Lai – “Yes, they will get confused soon and they cannot do anything. (And it will just happen?) Yes. (Have you got the timing for that? No. Their thinking so much about just stopping one thing. One of those items in one of the sets, it takes a lot of trouble for them just to do one that they will soon give up and go. But this may create confusions, because they are doing those… create confusions for those who are waiting for it. They are creating confusions among the strongest believers.”

Laron – “Were they also involved with any time manipulation?”
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “Have they got a device or technology to be able to do this?”
Lai – “Yes. They didn’t know they could manipulate time but they tried to… it started off as doing a journey. (Time travel?) Yes. Also to travel fast to different places. (As in, in a craft with an unknown technology?) Yes. It’s a device from quite a long time ago. An old device. (Where did they get it from?) Your scientists. (So it was human created?) Yes. (What time period?) All of these were created before 1970. All of these. Every special technology that is on Earth now was before 1970. (As in thousands of years ago beyond 1970?) No, just in the 20th century. ”

Laron – “They were created by scientists?”
Lai – “Yes, then there are the bad group, bad for you, not bad for us. (Is that the cabal?) You have to tell me what that word means to you. (I explain to them that it’s a label given to a negative group of people on Earth) Yes, you can use that word. Yes, so they also gave this to the powerful people. They gave them hope of certain things. A lot of the powerful people of Earth know there is no religion and that we are creating everything, they know it from years ahead of the rest of the people.

So they just want the others, the people to stay in the fear based system so others don’t think more than this. They want to keep them busy with work, to give them beliefs, like everything that you do. (Like through the control of Government, and media?) Yes, and through culture. It’s just like those who are into fashion, one item is very special, while somebody else doesn’t see the value. So they created alternate belief systems that people can choose from, to be busy with, to get pleasure.

But ultimately, nobody gets pleasure through everything they do. It just helps those who like more arts and more fashion, they ultimately push themselves to find their spiritual path, which is happening right now. It’s not in their control any more. So the device, you asked about the device. They manipulated time. They manipulated the event. They tried to stop events after they know. The bad thing about the information is that many of you predict and feel that something is going to happen and when they know it, they stop that thing. ”

Laron – “Is it based upon the predictions people are making?”
Lai – “Yes. They also search. They have tools, searching every website. And possibly all of you are there on their list, but not personally, it’s the information they get from there, they get a prediction and they try to interfere. They can only do about 1-3 a year. Sometimes if they succeed to stop one event, the new few events do not proceed to happen. So don’t get worried that they stopped all, they just stopped one.”

Laron – “Are they still doing that now?”
Lai – “They are getting frustrated and confused, day after day. They are trying to.”

Laron – “Is it important for us to know the timing of when the New Earth will occur?”
Lai – “If you tell, they will stop it.”

Laron – “Is that the main reason why we shouldn’t share that knowledge?”
Lai – “You should not share it. There could be other predictions which are wrong.”   }}}   unquote

From 2013, here is part three of the QHHT (past life regression) based Cosmic Journey of Lai series. A range of intriguing topics are covered.

Source: Joan of Arc, Mary & Jesus, Multiverse & More | Cosmic Journey Of Lai P3


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