Why Love is the master pursuit of Pole-Shift preparation – by Chris Thomas Wakefield @ SURVIVING The Pole Shift

The Love principle is the highest possible physics-of-Life, but to understand it, one needs to break down existential Life into two basic components: atoms and Love.

The atom is the indispensable material of our Universe where the atoms are also held together by energic-relationships (made up of parts of atoms) (magnetizm, electrical attraction, etc.) hence, the glue. Obviously, the multitude of Earthly organic Life-forms have developed into complex-living expressions of the substance of Earth, and since every part of these bodies have sprung forth from the Earth, it naturally follows that all Earth-Life conforms to it’s own laws. It’s an organized system as an inter-weaved and interdependent Life-expression.

Regarding atoms, to take this further, deeper, Bashar (Anka) explains that our entire Universe is only one particle moving so fast that it can manifest anywhere/everywhere at once, regardless, the basic principles of material laws still apply as a hierarchy of law governing all material: every existential medium has it’s own laws that are either subjugated or superseded by a another law in a seamless arrangement in a divine hierarchical matrix.
Behind every action, there is a cause, a force being satisfied. This essential law applies to all levels of existential living: the physical, emotional and mental. As an example: all Earthly social and cultural “laws” are usually subject to the emotional laws, some higher cultures tend to identify with the mental laws, but it’s usually a blend, however. Taking it further, this main law even extends into the other higher planes of existences: even after ….

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Source: Why Love is the master pursuit of Pole-Shift preparation.


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