Arcturian Group Message – #Law Of One# – message through Marilyn – 23rd October 2016 | Rainbow Wave of Light

quote   {{   It is a new day, and new time, and the spiritual life must be lived in the world but not of it.  Life on earth must no longer be separated into the profane versus the  spiritual for that is old false and misleading energy of the past.  There is only ONE.  One power, One reality, One law, One cause, One effect, and that ONE is YOU.   }}   unquote


OCTOBER 23,2016- by Marilyn

Dear ones, we see many still experiencing confusion with regard to world conditions.  Know that what you are witnessing in these turbulent times is the emerging of old energies…

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Source: Arcturian Group Message October 23, 2016 | Rainbow Wave of Light


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