The Healers — A Message for the Unknown Restorers of Balance – Peace and Harmony + The Great Bell Chant (The End Of Suffering) – YouTube

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post, Justin @ Stillness in the Storm

# The End of Suffering # Thank you for showing up .. dear Healers, Rainbow Bridge builders, Grid Weavers, Earth Keepers, Earth Janitors … Sending the brightest Rainbow Reiki blessings to All as One. Namaste


(Stillness in the Storm Editor) A long time reader wrote the following and sent it to a colleague of me. It touched me deeply. To me it is meant for the countless souls who quietly work in their corner of the world, enduring hardship yet shining brightly in small ways that are usually go unnoticed. In other words, we are all serving a mission of love and healing but in a unique way that doesn’t always earn praise or limelight. But this should not deter us in the least. In the eyes of the creator, all are equally valuable, all are on even ground and all are working towards an essential goal.
Thanks, Alison Bell for the penning this piece.
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