Dreamer of the Dream I | Heavenletters | Rainbow Wave of Light

quote {{ On where your Consciousness is positioned depends what you see and what you experience. Consider your Consciousness the chair you sit in.

Dimensions grow from one dimension to another. Finish one dimension and go on then to the next. In the world, your tune-up completes itself over a long period of time, even as time itself is an illusion. We could also lightly say that from one dimension to another is like finishing one chapter in a Great Book and then going on to the next chapter in the Great Book. This is Life in the World. It is a natural progression. One thing leads to another.

In the eyes of the world, this is so. As seen from Heaven, none of this is so clear-cut. There is not the separateness. There is no time, no sequence etc.

As seen by the world, however, each dimension has a sharp demarcation. Just as each individual on Earth is identified by a name to make him exclusive. I would say that 3rd Dimension is the old thinking based on the five senses. In this dimension, only what you see is true.

The 4th Dimension allows for more possibilities.

The 5th Dimension has a much wider-angle lens.

You don’t flick a switch to be in one dimension or another, yet you are, day by day, gaining your 5th Dimension sea legs, as it were.

You don’t always know where you are. Perhaps you can start acknowledging that some of your personal observations of life and your life are still seen in the 3rd Dimension. Left-over thinking. Then the 4th Dimension allows more possibilities. As you rise to the 5th Dimension, you may not notice it. You may think you are still suffering. It has been your habit of thinking, is it not? Old thinking.

There are endless dimensions, even as Infinity is dimensionless.

To be continued… }} unquote

God said:   One of My refrains is: Get out of the past. Let go of the past. Slip by the past. The past, which never existed, is not a place nor is it a time where you can really be. You can on…

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Source: Dreamer of the Dream I | Heavenletters | Rainbow Wave of Light


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