The Shift – Reptilian Planet – Earth Changes | Melanie Creator Being Part 3 –

This is the third article covering the two QHHT past life regression sessions that Sian Chua facilitated with Melanie, in Perth Australia. This session was conducted in January, 2016.

Melanie transcribed this herself and I have done the editing. The topics covered are listed below.

  • A detailed description of a planet where reptilian beings live.
  • A future Earth where blue ETs come to visit, after the planet of the reptilian’s has approached.
  • Hiroshima: the damage to the earth and the involvement of a galactic federation.
  • Beings and souls on Earth helping stop the Earth changes, in connection to the shift in consciousness and the area of Easter Island, plus Gnome type beings that live underground.
  • Some information on the end process of the shift in consciousness.

As Sian guides Melanie to a significant time and life, she moves back in ‘time’ to the perspective that seems like the ‘past’.

* * *

The Rotting Toxic Planet of the Reptilians

M: I can’t come off the cloud.

S: So you can’t come off the cloud, what would you like to do? Go up?
M: I don’t think I am on the cloud anymore. I just can’t go down. I am above…. I am in space and I am above a planet but it is too dangerous to go down.

S: That is ok, so you are in space, above a planet. You are an observer? Do you see from where you are? What does the planet look like?
M: There is a lot of darkness, there is a sense of evil.

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Source: The Shift, Reptilian Planet, Earth Changes | Melanie Creator Being Part 3

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