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To avoid the Devil
Best keep clear of mirrors
Not all the time perhaps
Just at the wrong moments

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2 thoughts on “SELF-IMAGE

  1. Yes, We all are … all that we are .. if and only when ….. we allow ourselves to Be .. who we desire to Be.

    There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ moment/time etc …. we make decisions to co-create certain situations .. just so that our higher selves will learn from it .. and our physical selves too and also those who are in our soul group .. and sometimes those whom we cross paths with.

    Sometimes, we ‘make bad choices’… but then .. that’s what Being on Planet Earth during this life time .. is all about, right? Always learning and sometimes we teach .. sometimes we learn .. we are all both teachers and students at the same time.

    So … yes ….looking in the mirror do help us to stop and ponder .. do we recognize who we are looking at and who we truly are within our heart space and to be courageous enough to acknowledge the ‘mistakes’ made (and probably may make some .. somewhere along the journey if we so choose to get side tracked for a while and then go back to the main course) and you will understand that .. it’s all right … it’s all right to make some mistakes and learn from it … from whence spiritual wisdom will be refined, honed and stored within our dna.

    While we all are going through all of these ‘splendid surprises’ … remember to be grateful and to cherish the journey and lessons learned for we may never pass this way again.

    Wishing you and yours, a very happy and beautiful week ahead. Namaste


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