The White House Just Issued An -Executive Order- officially Preparing For The “Event?” | Geomagnetic “Collapse” and Storms 1 Day Later — Commentary by Justin | Stillness in the Storm

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quote {{  I thought I’d share this with all of you and also say that while we should take these things seriously, preparing for it both internally and externally, there is nothing to fear as it is part of a natural cycle.

But society’s use of technology that is not protected or takes into account that changes in space weather will affected civilized life and most likely cause problems.

As such, seek to free yourself from the dependence of electronic media and reconnect with nature and the inner fire of consciousness, which opens the mind and heart to allow the transformations currently unfolding to take place with ease. }} unquote

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order for the purpose of preparing the government and infrastructure related thereto due to expected increases in the effects of solar weather. The order appears to be an acknowledgment of the solar minimum period that is set to peak in the coming years. This natural eleven-year cycle will affect the electronic infrastructure of modern society during times of extreme solar weather, along with increases in cosmic ray activity that affect human health. In addition, the magnetic shield of the Earth (the magnetosphere) has also been weakening, reducing the protective barrier that will affect weather, seismology, and human consciousness.

Within certain circles such as those expecting an ascension event or grand shift in human consciousness, there appears to be scientific evidence to support the notion that humanity is indeed entering a cycle wherein the potential for grand changes are present. These energetic shifts affect the earth at large but are individuated in that depending on a person’s vibrational state and coherence, they will either experience great leaps in consciousness evolution or what has been called end times madness, according to proponents of energetic ascension.

The fact that Obama released this order leads some to conclude that “the Event” spoken of by many who subscribe to these beliefs may be secretly acknowledged, especially if certain whistleblowers and insiders like Cobra, Corey Goode, and many others are to be believed.


For those of us seeking to prepare for changes, the inner work of raising our consciousness via what I call self-mastery or inner alchemy is desirable. The principles of resonance or harmonic entrainment enable the temple of the body to be cleared of blockages that would otherwise cause disease and discomfort, whether mental, emotional or spiritual.

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Source: The White House Just Issued An -Executive Order- officially Preparing For The “Event?” | Geomagnetic “Collapse” and Storms 1 Day Later — Commentary by Justin | Stillness in the Storm



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