Grace the World | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Add grace to your life. Give grace to the world. You know better than to give disturbance to the world.

You are here to grace the world and no less.

This means you are here on Earth to bless the Earth.

You don’t have to be a firecracker on Earth. You don’t have to blaze great trails. Blaze little trails. Be the Joy to the World you so crave. Give what you want to receive. This is how you become Great right before your eyes. Lift your eyes up to Mine.

Be the Ocean Waters that lap the shores.

Be the Reflection of the Sun.

Be the Grace you give.

Open doors for others. Hold them open.

You come from God.

You are a gift from God to the world.

I give you the world for its fulfillment and for yours.

You are Light I send to light…

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