Upon What Is Happiness Based? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Listen, despite your doubts and bereavements, all is well. Despite all your disappointments in life, all is well.

Know that you are fortunate in life. Many in your shoes would be happy, very happy. You know that. So I ask you, why would you choose to be dissatisfied with your life when you could just as well look at your life in a beautiful light?

Ask yourself what would make you happy. Do you have an answer to this? No matter how fine your life is, there is something you want and don’t have. This seems to be a fact of life in the world.

All people on Earth have objects of desire that they do not yet hold in their hand. Everyone. And many on Earth are desiring differently from each other. Many see their desires as actual needs. Someone needs to lose weight, and someone else…

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