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God said:

Go above and around all the detours from the good life that get under your skin, all the things that drive you up the wall, others’ habits that drive you to distraction. Odds are good that you are so distracted by habits that are equally yours and that you try to restrain. Perhaps the same tendency to procrastination runs through your veins. You might overcompensate for it in your intolerance for it.

Perhaps someone’s procrastination is intolerable. You are allergic to it. Perhaps you fall victim to another’s procrastination. No one admires procrastination, nor does anyone admire another’s nagging about it.

You might desire to see procrastination removed from the Face of the Earth or made a criminal offense, for you would love to see everything in the world ship-shape. You see no reason for it not to be.

Would you rather have someone procrastinate or would you…

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3 thoughts on “Habits Are Habits | Heavenletters

    • Karma is the extreme egotistic energy grids of the 3rd paradigm .. which we’re getting out of. If everyone understands this .. everyone will go amok and do whatever they please .. however they please .. but of course the Universal law is .. to do good so that what will come back to you will the ‘same you’ve given out’ and also multiplied .. same with extreme egotistic deeds .. .it will come back to you .. .and will also be multiplied .. so .. it’s not ‘karma’ as understood and brainwashed to the general populace by the ‘manipulators’. Habits are ‘hypnotized’ and ‘controlled’ energy .. being transmitted to the general populace every day .. every night. It is wise to stop, be aware of whatever we’re doing and to recognize and think it over – is it what we want and need right now? Is it what we want to send out to be manifested etc etc . This is called ‘awakening’. Namaste

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