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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Thoughts fly in, and thoughts fly out like birds. It’s wise to catch a thought on the wing, or it is gone. Remembering a thought isn’t the same as receiving the thought in the first place. Thoughts rethought are not quite the same as the original. Thoughts well up, and thoughts float away.

You may not be able to remember a thought your mind held. No matter what, you cannot conjure it back.

Thoughts occupy you. Thoughts leave you. Thoughts fly out the window, and thoughts fly in and do not stay, or thoughts won’t leave.

If thoughts are electrical charges, thoughts may blink on and off. It seems that all of your life you are pursued by thoughts, that thoughts are your life, and thoughts are ongoing and unstoppable.

You may lose a thought that was like a jewel in your hand while your mind keeps popping…

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