Earth Under Water – Worldwide Flooding | Sea Level Rise (SLR) – YouTube

Humanity residing along the coastal terrains and islands should start relocating by now. The governmental system will not start any form of migration for the general populace because no countries/nations will accept refugees by the millions. This is a logical perception.

The ice caps will melt and we can’t deny those facts. The Earth’s crust is moving and recreating the surface. Sea and river levels will rise according to where the water is originating from .. all these happened before for aeons and we can’t continue to stay ‘ignorant’ of all these natural evolution of Mother Earth.


Published on Aug 8, 2013

Miami, New Orleans and New York City completely under water it’s a very real possibility if sea levels continue to rise. In Earth Under Water we’ll see these events unfold as leading experts forecast how mankind will be impacted if global warming continues. They’ll break down the science behind these predictions and explore ways humanity could adapt, including engineering vast dams near San Francisco, or building floating cities outside of New York.

Earth Under Water (2010)


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