The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift — by Laron Smith @ – 30th Sept 2016

Back in 2014 I found some information that formed a pattern, indicating that somehow time was being manipulated because of so many reliable psychics getting things wrong, but also based on my own feelings and intuition. I wrote up this long article below and posted it back then. It was well received with over twenty thousand views.

If you missed it, it is still relevant and a fascinating read. I have modified the introduction below, done some editing and added a few extra things with this version.

Within this article I present a bunch of information which goes to show that time has very like been manipulated on purpose, to slow down the ascension process of this plane over the past year (2013-2014); in-turn a series of events that were most likely meant to have occurred in early 2013, now seem to be occurring, but in a more drawn-out way.

As for who or what group of individuals, and/or beings, are behind this — that may never be known. As to why they did this, I will say the why ties directly into the period of time right now that the Earth and its inhabitants, the solar system, and possibly even the universe, are going through, based upon such theories which have come under many different names, such as the new earth, the event, the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, the shift in consciousness, the ascension of the earth, the global coastal event, the gathering, the time of transition,  the golden age, and many others.

My understanding is that each of these are simply angles looking in on the exact same picture.

Time and Future Forecasting

What is time to you? It passes us by as we live our earthly lives and succumb to lessons learnt from daily experiences played out. Albert Einstein once said, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” It has been theorised by many that everything has already happened which has occurred within our future, present and past.

Albert Einstein believed in an undivided solid reality. He rejected the theory that the separation we experience is a moment of now. He believed there is no true division between past and future, there is rather a single existence.

Then if that is so, how can the many methods of future forecasting still not reach a 100% accuracy if all events and situations in time have already manifested?

When future forecasting methods are used, the information that is being looked in upon — also sometimes referred to as the akashic records — is based upon probabilities within that moment of time that the information is being accessed.

We have free will within our earthly existence here, including the Earth herself, as I believe the Earth also has a consciousness. Those that interact with us, whether they may be ET based within our physical universe, or higher dimensionally based entities outside of our physical universe, must come under the same free will based law. So the future can never be predicted with 100% accuracy as situations do and can change here, and around the Earth plane.

It has also been theorised that every decision we could possibly make in relation to each and every one of us individually, is actually played out in another version of existence. In simplistic terms, if there was a choice involved with our actions, a copy is made of the world with all those on it within that moment, and then played out without us even being aware.

And yes, we are also there, and here; we exist simultaneously. This can be a hard concept to understand, let alone accept.

What this means is that not only do future predicting methods have to deal with tapping into the probabilities of what may happen in the future, based upon when they look into the future, and free will, but they also have to deal with multiple realities and timelines.

They may get information showing the outcome of an event within a different reality / timeline, based upon the theory that every decision made is played out, as there is a vast amount of possible realities to connect into. The individual looking in also has to of course deal with possible distortion and interference of the information from their own mind, based on the individuals make-up and state of being in that moment.

But there are many factors at play here as there are beings who have the responsibility to act as gatekeepers to the information about the future, which is being accessed. Then there are also others involved such as guides or even ET beings, depending on the method in use, and if the individual is a volunteer soul or an earth based soul. All of those beings do try and assist the individual back here looking into the information, depending on the method being used.

I have also come to the understanding that sometimes we are told a certain something, based on what we need to know in that moment, in connection to our soul contract and path in life, and that of others if the information does not remain private. This can actually mean that not everything we are told is completely accurate.

The Beginning

What I am trying to say here is that people should not jump to conclusions and say, OK, its June 26, June 27, etc, and nothing has happened. In my eyes, I have a decent understanding of the nature of time around future predictions and to me, it doesn’t lessen the chance of the events happening simply because they haven’t happened yet. When I see all these temporal markers falling around this GCE prediction, temporal markers which were within the same data set back in 2003 which the GCE showed up in, this really adds towards the likelihood that the rest of that dataset is going to come true at some point.” — Laron, 27th of May, 2013

The first signs of the situation surrounding a possible time intrusion or manipulation of time occurred back in March 2013 based upon information Clif High reported showing up in the webbot data. The information showed that around early March there had been some kind of temporal intrusion in time.

Months passed by and Clif didn’t mention this again, from what I know of, until this year (2014) in February, where he detected a similar event once again. He said that he had noticed side effects as a result of this temporal intrusion in time.

Let’s take a step back; the only reason I was following the webbot was because of the Global Coastal Event prediction. Around 2010, after extensive research into the 2012 phenomenon for about six years on and off, I had come to the conclusion that there was a high chance that major earth change events were going to occur in relation to it. I had calculated the time period would most likely be the months of April or May, 2013, while factoring in the eclipses as a rough target date. I didn’t expect anything to occur in December of 2012 from all the research I did. When taking into consideration the metaphysical angle, I concluded the major earth change period to be directly related to the spiritual shift as well.

There is a lot more going on when looking in at this period of time esoterically and scientifically, but I am just getting more directly to the point here as I don’t want to delve down into such detail for the purpose of this article.

Something I observed over the years is that a lot of people, including many authors, thought the Galactic Alignment actually happened in December, 2012, when in fact it happened back in 1998. I was surprised so many got this wrong as a lot of hype was built up around this time period based upon that incorrect fact. The actual period of the Galactic Alignment window is from 1980 to 2016, with 1998 being the actual alignment as seen in the image below.

Image Credit: John Major Jekins

Near the end of 2012 I ran into Clif High and the webbot. I had heard of it before but I had never actually investigated it in detail, or read any predictions, as my research was primarily based upon many books I had obtained over the years, not any material off of the internet.

I started following every single Wujo that Clif High released from then on in, as well as every interview and report. I purchased each and every IDIR that came out in 2013 and closely followed each prediction based on what came up in the media online. I put together a very detailed summary of the Global Coastal Event on transients, which I updated with new information I ran into on a regular basis.

Each week from January up until June of 2013, Clif High would release an Immediacy Data Intelligence Report. These were very detailed webbot audio reports that discussed predictions which would occur, from up to 3 days to a month or so out from the date of release. Based upon the constant run of hits (successful predictions), I found the reports to be very accurate and this added to my belief that there was a good chance that certain earth change events were going to occur in and around May, 2013.

Back in April 2013 I would have given the GCE (Global Coastal Event) a 60-70% chance of occurring. That is how sure I was — I am a very reasonable and careful person that doesn’t just jump in on anything and belief it. I also had an intuitive feeling about it all as well.

While the IDIR’s were accurate, there were some predictions that did not manifest and therefore fell through, or only started to manifest and not complete fully.

Based upon some of the other reports that Clif High released, such as The Shape of Things to Come and Temporal Markers for 2013, while the year went by in 2013 leading up to May, again, some key events did not manifest which should have, if the actual Global ….

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Source: The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift —


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