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lol … already slowed down … got sprained ankle for a few weeks .. and yes, I did listen to the beautiful Universe .. that I need to slow down … grateful that the ankle is healed .. and now .. I am back!!! Thank you Universe. Namaste

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

With one eye, you see how much you are needed. With the other eye, you see the futility of running a race to excel or to even simply catch up as if you are here on Earth to solve all the difficulties in the world. Is it really necessary to focus on the difficulties as if they would become extinct without your supervision? Are problems the hobby of your life?

Getting caught up has the connotation of making strides and getting ahead of life. Getting caught up may also have the connotation of getting over-involved. Naturally, you want to make progress. Sometimes it is like you want to live life ahead of time. It would seem that life gets ahead of you, and you can’t keep up let alone get ahead. If you did get ahead, what would preoccupy you then?

This is a two-pronged difficulty you find…

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