All the Elements of Earth | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

The Universe is calling to you. Do you think that it isn’t? Your impulses come from somewhere. While you are on Earth, you are on call, beloveds.

There is not a moment that I am not with you. I am always embracing you. The Universe longs for you as well.

Stars do indeed blink at you. Winds do brush past you. Birds sing, and birds do sing to you. Hearts call out to you. All the elements of Earth connect to you. You connect to all the elements. No one on Earth is separate.

Oneness can be referred to in many ways. Nature is naturally sustainable. Nature sustains you, and you sustain nature. All is reciprocal. The air you breathe encircles the world. There is nothing that is not connected. Souls, yes, of course, and the physical and all dimensions, known and unknown, as well.

Water flows. The…

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