Divine Children of God | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

You don’t owe Me anything. You are My Divine Child. I ask that you not make recriminations to yourself. Be fine with yourself. Live your life. Whether you are attentive to Me or not, I love you as you are. My love for you does not hinge on what you say to Me, ask Me, or do for Me. I love. I cannot do anything less than love.

This is hard for you to believe that I love you just as you are. Dear Ones, you do not have to lay down your life for Me. You do not have to bow down to Me. You do not owe Me. By your very Being, you fulfill Me.

When you are happy, I am extra happy. When you are sad, I am not sad. In My existence, there can be no loss. I do not weep. I am well-content…

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