‘The anger is palpable’: Tensions grow in U.S. towns as homeless seek refuge in national parks | National Post

Thank you very much, Chris Thomas Wakefield – I saw a vision between my ‘going-to-sleep’ and actual sleep time that the water came up to almost my doorstep … so … whether or not .. we’re able to ascend with Mother Earth towards higher dimensions or not .. we’re not going to stay idle and wait …

We need to keep on reminding others to help themselves first … make the move … and prepare a few more extra space for their love ones .. just in case ..they change their mind .. at the last minute.

We, the Lightworkers – together with our Galactic Families, Inner Earth Families and Mother Earth, are manifesting for The Event to happen before the Pole Shift. Everything is already in motion and constantly evolving, transmuting and transforming in its own multi-dimensional pace and we can’t see the whole picture nor know the future. Nobody knows what’s going to happen. We can only follow our own sacred heart space and learn to discern from what is truly meant for each of our own soul journey.

I felt ‘called’ to inform and spread the information/news, that humanity should relocate to higher elevations and we’re approaching an era where we try to consolidate all the material wealth that we have (some we have to leave behind …but that’s all right because our lives and our future generations are at stake here), plan the best choice to make plans with our love ones and move to higher elevations/platforms.

WE can’t stay ‘idle’ and think that others (like the government) are going to ‘wake up’ and do the work for you .. .well .. the truth is ..they aren’t. Because they don’t know what to do with huge population in their own nations/country by the millions … where are they going to place the millions of people .. where would they go .. which country is going to accept ‘refugees’ …. without their own citizens protesting. All odds are against them (the govt).

Therefore, it’s extremely important that our families and friends decide to not ‘sit-on-the-fence’ and wait for the water level to rise, or for the earthquakes to shift the Ring of Fire, the New Madrid Faultline etc … Do your own research and decide for yourself and look at what’s been happening along the coastlines and the volcanoes erupting .. these are very REAL signs that Mother Earth is shifting, evolving and moving.

This is not to create ‘fear’ but to create awareness especially those are working so very hard everyday to earn a living. Stop and give yourself and your family a chance to discuss about this situation. Don’t know where to start … ask me .. and I will help you get started.

For my families and friends .. I am here for All of You … ask anything you want .. more heads and hearts is better than just one. We can overcome this natural transition when we work, plan and manifest with each other.

It’s extremely hard for me to let my families and friends in Singapore know this … I am trying to inform them … bit by bit .. so that they don’t get overwhelmed .. or thought that I am going ‘crazy’ .. so … it’s really, very tough for me .. as we’ve a huge family .. relatives .. friends … etc …

So .. am also asking our Divine Mother for assistance .. in whichever way that’s possible.

Chris Thomas Wakefield – Thanks for Being the Core of awakening of this timeline for the poleshift .. which we don’t really know .. if it will happen or not .. but know this ..

All the lightworkers and our Divine Mother are working .. very hard .. to assist as much as we can. Namaste


On pole-shift survivors and after-time survival planning.

Here is a current news article that portends a little of what organized and prepared survival camps will have to deal with: “homeless campers”. Now this story is obviously a modern-day focus on an old social issue, but there is a very real translation to what it will be like in the After-Time. People who have rejected or have lost their grip on the rigors of maintaining a mortgage or rent for a house in this increasingly demanding society of late-modern man, are finding their way into the forests of the nation.
Living in the wild is rough and dangerous, dangerous because of it’s lawless nature, but also very dangerous due to lax campfire management.
If an established survival camp is set up a long ways from a town or city, this is good, it will have it’s challenges, but at least wandering pole-shift survivors are unlikely to find it. It’s more likely, however, that a gang of marauders will, as they would be more organized and likely to reach further-out from a populated center.
Now we have compassion for those innocent pole-shift survivors finding themselves in such a situation, but survival camps cannot afford to take in people on a ad hoc basis, but creative assistance can be set up. As an aside, I have suggested burying sealed 30 gallon containers with various types of dry food such as quality food bars (sweet and unsweetened), beef jerky, dried beans, rice, pre-bottled water, first aid kit, socks, rubber boots and/or good-used shoes, blankets, feminine products, safety-pins/sewing kits, tea/coffee, iodine pills, tin cups and some eating utensils. Critical that the container is reliably sealed against water damage. These barrels can be buried/hidden after the pole-shift <miles> from your survival camp, that way a person could find their way to a location with current ground conditions. If buried before the pole-shift, they may never be found due to possible wholesale ground movement. An individual map would be made-up for each location/barrel so that they could be given to a wandering soul, or destitute family during your travels. If never needed they could be retrieved and used, of course. I’m sure many people will have left-over money prior to the pole-shift and could make up a few of these with that money which will shortly become useless.
Being hidden in an area hard-to-find, that is on a hill or in a mountainous area, is very important as marauding gangs are not so interested in climbing a mountain if there is no promise of a camp to plunder. Cooking food or camp fires will attract these gangs, so learning to cook on very low heat with a propane or kerosene stove <inside> a tent or structure to minimize the camps exposure.
The other side of the coin of a survival plan, is that many pole-shift aware people want to survive-in-place. This is not to criticize their choice to do that, but to comment on the obvious disadvantages of remaining in a small town or village that is highly-visible to both wandering survivors and the military. In my opinion, it will be necessary to establish a local security force to protect the town from unwanted intrusion.

Towns, villages, hamlets or even gated communities are highly vulnerable because the homes are placed wide-apart and can be easily isolated and forcefully entered by a gang. If one were to research the ancient communities, they set up their homes in a fortified positions, such as on hilltops, in cave dwellings and in walled encampments. “Modern” community centers and boroughs, their home-to-home layouts, are not at all appropriate for the lawless society that is coming. Obviously depending on the spirit and determination of the townsfolk, some areas may survive living like that. I’ve also had communication from many people saying that they “can’t afford” to move, but frankly, I think they just may be forced to. Mostly, I think this is because they don’t realize what is coming: it’s a global wild west.

Now, having said that, I know that much assistance is available to those people, here I am switching gears, with good heart, still, it’s better to understand the full risks, make our plans and do what we can to facilitate survival of our families and loved-ones. It really does make me ill, when I read of religionists sitting back and verbally waving the bible around in other’s faces in lieu of practical planning for the After-Time. I suspect that all people, regardless of beliefs, will act to save themselves when the rocks start to fly, but I fear that will be too late by that time.

There is a good reason why the ancient civilizations survived well and lived in fortified dwellings: security. Marauders, wearing a cross or just a country emblem, would attack and plunder the vulnerable and unprotected villagers who were low on the totem pole of the local aristocracy: they were unable to fortify, they just rebuilt or relocated. History is full of accounts of tiny little villages around-the-globe that haven’t changed since the middle-ages. Many generations of people have persisted in these hidden-away hamlets, the descendants of which still live in these places today.
I am suggesting that those who really want to build a pole-shift survival community, to not only survive, but thrive in the after-time, that they consider the ancient model of fortified locations and dwellings. Homes set close together, constructed of earth or clay, making them resistant to fire, placed high, but back from the crest of a hill.
Regardless, of a person’s situation, learning to read and watch for waking dream and the messages of sleep-dreams is still the best way forward.
Chris Thomas.

The article:

Chris Thomas Wakefield's photo.
Chris Thomas Wakefield's photo.

As officers deal with more drug overdoses, illegal fires and trash piles deep in the woods, tempers are boiling in places that lie on the fringes of weakly patrolled public land

Source: ‘The anger is palpable’: Tensions grow in U.S. towns as homeless seek refuge in national parks | National Post

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