Things I’ve Seen

Thank you for the beautiful colors, textures and the variations of the animal kingdom, Allen .. and you’ve been blessed with lovely ‘visitors’ on your trail this time.

Mother Earth is still balancing her water surface area and at times there may be some kind of flooding in the low plain area. I feel that it’s about time, People relocate themselves to higher plains. West Virginia isn’t an isolated case because there will be more flooding incidents to arrive. If humans have any common sense at all, they will sell their properties and move out.

If the river is at a higher plain, the water level will be adjusted accordingly by Mother Earth .. so .. there’s no ‘fear’ that it might dry up. My favorite animal for this post is the beaver because it’s enjoying its fine collection of ‘delicacy’ and much like most of us, we enjoy a good meal. I like the one when the black bird seems to be announcing your arrival .. they might have probably given you the name as a ‘Nature Keeper’ for that area .. and every one of them wants to be around to get their photos taken … lol …. Have a lovely Wednesday, Allen. Namaste

New Hampshire Garden Solutions

1. Ashuelot

We finally had some much needed rain last weekend. The Ashuelot River can use it; I’m guessing that it’s about a foot lower than it usually is at this time of year. The line of grasses above the far embankment shows how high it can get with the spring runoff, which is 10 feet or more above where it is now.

2. Beaver

As I took photos of its far bank a beaver swam down the middle of the river with a bundle of sensitive fern (Onoclea sensibilis) in its mouth. I didn’t know that beavers ate ferns but a little research shows that they do and they must be a delicacy, because this one swam quite a long way to get them. I watched him haul this bundle downriver until he was out of sight. Apparently there aren’t any sensitive ferns in his neighborhood.

3. Crab Spider

A tiny yellow crab spider waited on…

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