‘Lord’ Rothschild Demands Britain Stay In Europe | Your News Wire

And the sun rises every single day where all Souls bare their skin to be cleansed of all that’s not of this world. WE are not of this world; for this world is anything but a theater of drama and all that’s ridiculous, callous and downright comical …

2015 - Feb - Sunrise

The cabal’s system (or whatever system) that they want the general populace to be ‘tied’ to, is the monetary system whether be it with gold or not .. we are all still ‘tied’ and enslaved to the same system even if it seems like they are ‘helping’ to lift poverty out of the system.

The only way out of the ‘3rd’ and ‘4th density’ manipulation and enslavement of souls is to get out of the monetary system.

If we are to transition towards the 5th dimension and beyond, we need to get out of the monetary system because the monetary system stays in the 4th dimension and can’t go any further than that.

People LOVE money ..

… that’s the only way to get them to ‘trap’ all souls to stay in the 4th D and not go beyond.

If anyone can really ‘see’ the bigger picture, all these ‘drama’ of shifting money .. shifting political scenes, shifting and manipulation of money, banks, oil .. and else what nots … these are all for the cabal to understand and gauge for themselves .. how far deep in …. into this ‘shit-hole’ of 3rd and 4th density the general populace want to be invested in … real deep!!!

Need we discuss this any further?????


Lord = egotistic and self proclaimed ‘lord’ not that ‘they’ are masters of their spiritual self during this lifetime … they are totally ‘disconnected’ from their higher selves .. and they are all running ‘amok’!!!

Sorry .. no pictures of the ‘false lord’.


‘Lord’ Rothschild has urged the British public to steer clear of a Brexit vote and remain part of the European Union, in a threatening open letter for The Times.

Source: Lord Rothschild Demands Britain Stay In Europe | Your News Wire



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