Transhumanism vs. Ascension | The Skingularity is Near – Free eBook by William Henry | Stillness in the Storm

A short summary from Agnes Khoo Schwenk –

Transhumanism = dependence on gadgets, technology without achieving higher consciousness in the spiritual form.
Everything is in material form = 4th Dimension plane
This is a ‘detour’ for those who are ‘lazy’ to work on themselves and prefer to use ‘brute force’ in every way possible .. again for those who are ‘thinking’ to choose this form, they will be ‘stuck’ in the 4th dimension plane where chaos, manipulation, drama, competition etc .. resides.
This is the depth of ‘hell’ in brute force and physical might & form but sorely lack the essence of spirit, love, compassion.
This ‘cruel’ 4th dimensional plane is also lacking the opportunity for the sacred heart space to perceive on a more natural biological processing through the wisdom of The Source of All That Is because it’s just ‘dense matter’ although it might have the opportunity to evolve towards faster moving energy but it’s still ‘dense’.
There isn’t any form of ‘lightness of being’ in this 4th dimensional plane.
This 4th plane is the plane where We – the lightworkers, the dream weavers, the rainbow tribes, the ascension highway bridge builders throughout all multi-dimensional planes, will want to just move on and not stop (at the 4th d) to allow the ‘replicators’ to take over a physical human body ….. because the replicators’ agenda is to be more biological – human physique blending with machine .. even if it means to trap human consciousness to attain their agendas .. they will do it without any remorse, guilt or compassion. Namaste

The following is a short introduction to a free eBook produced by researcher and presenter William Henry. Henry is known for his work in deciphering iconic art from antiquity as well as researching the hidden techniques of ascension or the Rainbow Body as described by eastern philosophies. I have yet to read Henry’s book but the lines between ascension and transhumanism seem to be blurred. To be sure, the idea of transhumanism, an upgrade of biology and consciousness via merging with machines is very similar to ascension. The major difference being how one achieves transcendence.

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Source: Transhumanism vs. Ascension | The Skingularity is Near – Free eBook by William Henry | Stillness in the Storm


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