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This conversation took place yesterday, June 2, 2016.   “I am available to converse if there is someone who wants to connect.”   We are here Sophia.

Hello.  Please introduce yourself.  I have some time now and actually a question or two.
We are here to supply you with information.  Go ahead.
Who are you?
We are a race from your galaxy, though not your planet.  Human-like, you would be challenged to distinguish us as different than your fellow man.
What questions do you have?womanalien
There are frequency changes reported as incoming, dramatic and drastic.  Would you speak about what these mean for the human and if you are able to, when this incoming energy is due to be felt by us?
These shifts in energetics are more of a contrast and all at once.  It is not seen as a gradual and by that is meant relatively comfortable change.
These changes have not all been comfortable.
The switch that comes in now has momentum.  The momentum is due to the large numbers of your kind waking up every day to love.
It’s like something exponential and unprecedented is happening and all “announcements” and “predictions” are just “best guesses” because you guys are changing it up all the time.  It morphs and re-builds and squeezes into form in each now moment.


What is being witnessed are vast increases in numbers of people accepting that they have a right to be respected, indeed to feel happiness, health and prosperity.
The vast uncovering of the corrupt systems in banks and government – all systems actually in place by “authority”, wakes a human up every few moments.
These are not fully aware but awake and yearning for enlightenment.  It is the yearning that pulls in the rapidly accelerating energetics.
We have seen all along the change adopt a new form and now can tell you that ALL PREDICTIONS ARE NOW BEING TOSSED OFF.
The best we can offer, by way of assistance to your readers is “HANG ON TO YOUR HATS AND ENJOY THE RIDE.”
Humans have done it again.  We are in wonder at your strength of will and ability to adapt.


As you adjust and shift – all of creation is raised up and shifts as well.  You are demonstrating with collaboration and with a willingness to work together –
Humans come from diverse and even conflicting backgrounds and what we see are inroads to love.  These paths to higher consciousness are forged with common goals and universal comprehension of mutual needs.
There is something about the human, male or female, that declares an inability to ignore each other.  This is part of the reason for your great mass awakening.  You cannot help but impact each other, AND YOU ARE.


It is in this way the acceleration happens at such a rapid and unexpected pace.  We can tell you to expect joy – when it arrives and arises, dwell there without question.  This is the place of your new location.  It is a rapid rise in frequency that Gaia hurries now to match – YOU ARE ONE.
You have not altered the timeline but moved closer to the next phase – as in “sprinted”.
Do not be fooled into thinking that these incoming energies are responsible for the changes you are feeling and witnessing.  You are at cause for it all- the ones driving and drawing this conclusion.


It is expected you will feel this as a rush, as a dizzying wave, you are going to enjoy it more and weather it more easily if you eat lightly and keep your eyes open –


Those of you present now and sensitive will pick up on the most subtle alterations.  These will be a pre-cursor to a rapid jolt.
The timing is unclear and coincides with Gaia’s heart – certainly there are days to pass before it shows up in full force.  It is not clear and not tens of days though.  The best thing to do to prepare is encourage each other and forgive yourself.  The most gentle of spirits will experience this wave and push, pull and shift as a hug holding you safely in place throughout.


A bit of dizziness will accompany this one and perhaps some “light shows”.  No definite predictions can be counted on as absolute as was earlier mentioned.  Humans are changing it up with revolution, demonstration, collaboration, mutual support and love.  Anything is possible.
Is this a pre-cursor to the foretold “event”?
We are observers only, here to assist as you’ve sent the question.  We have no precise names for this incoming energy and would not attempt to give …

>>>> Read on ………….


Source: Humanoid from our Galaxy – Get Ready‏ | Sophia Love


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