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May 2016 Cobra-Corey Goode Interview with Rob Potter Part 2


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, boys and girls, peaceful light warriors, welcome to Part 2 of the joint Corey and Cobra interview on the Victory of Light Radio Show.

I’m your host, Rob Potter, and my website is Please go to that page on the Victory of Light Radio Show and check out the Bonus Transcript for the links that will be shared there today for some very interesting information.

I’d like to thank everyone involved in this interview this week. We’re giving Danell a rest and we’re going to have a new transcriber to make things go faster through the Corey-Cobra interview here. We’re also needing to thank Chris Bell who’s taken over the audio for Rique Seraphico on this difficult project. And I’d like to thank Bob Charles and John Allen of the Pyramid One Network for allowing me to have a radio show on their station.

This information is very important and we’ve done it to create some unity. At the time of this recording of the intro on May 22, the interview has already taken place back at the same time as Part 1.

And something has come up. Someone has sent me a link to a post on the Sphere-Being Alliance website where someone told Corey, “Leave Cobra. He is dark.” And there was a thumbs up from Corey. This was inadvertent and I talked to Corey. He says he puts a lot of thumbs up there just to encourage people and didn’t really read it and he apologized and he would remove it when he finds out where it is, so it may already be gone. But there’s nothing major . . . no drama there against Cobra.

Cobra and Corey have agreed, as we all agree, we want Full Disclosure, honesty and transparency, and they’ve agreed to work together, especially for Full Disclosure.

I’ll remind you all that worldwide meditation for Full Disclosure and Prayer for our Planetary Liberation Day is July 8. We’d love to see some of you creating some, I guess I would call it, some artwork revolving around the July 8 meditation at 12:00 for 15 minutes for Full disclosure Planetary Liberation.

The exact meditation and prayer is unimportant. It’s the 15 moments of silence and the intention for the healing and the liberation of this planet and the revelation of truth of what’s been taking place here for a long time.

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There have been some improvements in the technology. In the late ’80s the Pleiadeans introduced Fred to the Andromedeans. They gave Fred a new design that is called the Andromedan holographic projector. To be clear both of the daughters have a right to produce these and so I’m working with the eldest daughter. I’ll leave it at that.

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I’d like to end this with a little statement here. There are lots of changes as we move through the vibrational phase jump on the planet. The energetic restructuring on all matter on Earth and the changing of the ley lines, grid or acupuncture lines as some call them is being aided by and in conjunction with the superluminal light beings of the Confederation and the Alliance.

The benevolent extraterrestrials and the benevolent Agarthan Network are working with advanced technology which includes The Primary Cintamani Stone bought from Sirius by 40 different ascended masters. There are tremendous changes taking place and the vibrations on the planet are shifting subtly and in powerful ways soon to realized by all consciousness on earth.

Within us are natural forces. These natural law parts of human consciousness are expressed in what are called the Gunas. We have Sattvic Rajasic Tamasic. These are the triune elemental forces within our physical bodies that react to different magnetic and energetic impulses and affect our personalities.

We are the hierophant of these energies and through our willful and rightful action and control of our thoughts can overcome these subtle forces which have tremendous influence on our feelings. We’re all human. And we all interact with these various energies or universal impulses that are affecting our corporeal bodies. As most of you can feel energetically things are becoming very intense in the internal mental processes and feeling natures of everybody.

So just remain calm, as I always say, keep your hands and arms inside the spaceship at all times, and sit on things and wait. I know I personally get very mentally oriented and I get kind of an impatient stress from having to sit at a computer all day.

I over stress myself with my self-imposed homework. Not in school, as I did all my assignments last minute in school and always had good grades as it came easy to me.

My professional life is different, and I am not so good on computers. I work very hard on the website and probably don’t get as much relaxation as I can. So I suffer due to attachment. We all are part of this challenge and just have to keep forgiving ourselves and others.

We can realize, as these thoughts and these stresses come to us that are not in harmony that this is just purging of our lower elemental nature.

We need to constantly check ourselves on our thoughts, our words, our deeds and our actions and harmonize our energetic field. So when these negative thoughts in these difficult times come through us, we need to just be patient and sit and wait on it and let it pass and realize that that’s our illusion and the reflection.

And if you get stressed out, just go to the beach or something, and watch some children. The joyful presence that they live in, the exact moment of now, and the joy that they share is contagious. Thanks to God they are so oblivious to adult concerns. Things like chemtrails and vaccinations and other troubles are not part of their reality. The simple freedom-from-care vibration they carry is the type of innocent joy that we need to express in our lives. We can be aware of these negative agendas and things; at the same time, we can let them go, and we can focus ourselves on the positive light of the future.

I just wrapped an amazing two-hour interview with Andrew Basiago and look out for that one. It will be quite interesting for many. Alex Collier, who is always relevant, has agreed to another show and that will be coming up on my interview list shortly after this show.

I also wanted to share with you all, the beautiful article called the Cosmic Plan. This article was written by Giorgio Pienza brings many things togwther. After speaking with him, he told me that his article is compiled from information from three major South American UFO contactees.

The first contactee is Luis Maertens who will be presenting at my Shasta Summer Conference Ancient Wisdom Teachings Part 1. The other two contactees are Ricardo Gonzalez and Sixto Wells. All three of these gentlemen have been receiving information from the same sources of extraterrestrials for many years. The ET groups who are very prevalent in South America are primarily in Bolivia and Peru. These are the beings from Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, Pleiades, Venus  and from the inner temples of the Great White Brother/Sisterhood from the area of Peru Lake Titicacca and Bolivia. I hope you will check out this article called the Cosmic Plan and enjoying my comments and the information provided therein. You may go to the article page on my website here.

Thank you so much for tuning in and

God bless you all.

Victory to the Light.


Rob Potter: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back with Corey and Cobra for Part 2. An extremely interesting interview. Both of these gentlemen are confirming each other’s intel with a few additions by each. I hope you are enjoying this unification and remembering about the Full Disclosure Meditation, the Secret Space Program conference in Mt. Shasta, as well as we’re having Cobra’s Ascension Conferences coming out. So lot’s of places for you to connect with other light members and become instrumental light bearers or information givers to people in your community.

This is really about letting people . . . preparing for some tremendous changes that are coming to the surface of the planet and we’re looking for clarity in these interviews.

We’re going to talk to Corey first and this first question is from someone. It says, “Corey, you have mentioned that some ET groups have been here with a little bit of Service-to-Self. Is that correct?”

Corey Goode: Yes.

Rob: Yeah, you have stated the Blue Avians are here because we are a parachute, as you termed it. It seems the Earth’s mess is kind of holding them back from evolving. Is that correct?

Corey: Yes, and that’s the case with all beings that follow the creed or kind of model and tinker and create other beings. When they progress past that point maybe thousands or millions of years later, they cannot ascend to other levels or progress further until they go back and deal with their creations and whatever karmic entanglements they have with them. But we’re not a creation of these Sphere Beings, but their actions that they had millions and billions of years ago somehow had them tied with us to where we have to ascend or reach our next level before they can fully. They’ve gone as far as they can. Their goal is ultimately to return to Source.

Rob: Okay, and this is kind of an Earth-based thing. It says, “If so, this implies they’re here with their own agenda towards progressing.”

Corey: That’s in the answer I pointed out.

Rob: Yeah, they may not be here at this time to intercede otherwise, possibly. Does that make them self-serving as well?

Corey: Yeah. Kaaree used that to kind of punch me in the stomach, because she, I guess, took issue with their position that her people were Service-to-Self. You know, when it comes down to it, if we’re all One and we’re all karmically tied, or we’re all tied on some level, every type of entity would have to be, by that definition, Service-to-Self. Before they can return to Source they have to make sure that we are on the right path or moving on the right path. I guess, in that context, on that grand scale, I guess you could label them that.

Rob: Yeah, it just seems like they have bigger technology that everyone has to listen to them. Cobra, I’d like your comments on that little dialogue there.

Cobra: Okay. The whole galaxy is a living being. It’s a living entity and all cells in the galactic organism are connected. So if one single cell is infected with a cancer, the whole galactic body cannot evolve fully. And no race in the galaxy can evolve fully until the Earth’s situation is resolved. And the division between service-to-others and service-to-self is artificial. It’s a programming attempt to divide beings. Each sentient being needs to first take care of himself before he can help others.

The key is in the balance of taking care of your own needs and then helping others. And evolved galactic society keeps that balance. And taking care of your own needs does not mean stepping upon others. It means creating a respectful cooperation throughout the galaxy and this is what the evolved galactic races have achieved. They have created a civilized society when there are no wars needed, no conflict needed.

Actually, conflict is an aberration. It’s an anomaly. And for most of the galaxy what is happening here is pure madness. They live in a reality of love, in the galactic ocean of love, and for them, what is happening here is pure madness.

Rob: Thank you very much and I would have to agree with that. We’re definitely in a madness situation down here. I would like to make a little comment here. I’ve heard and felt the same thing that we’re all one and that, you know, people are here trying to resolve this situation of what’s going on here. And for those of us down here, we’re the same way. And if we could on the Earth . . . You know, we look around, we’re separated by programs and borders and Cabal. If we could realize we’re all one people and that people are starving in Africa, there’s little children, orphanages, and people that are homeless throughout the world and suffering, that we’re spending money on other things.

We could feed our neighbors. We could realize ourselves as one. And this is coming and this is what this movement is about for people to wake up and for the leaders to be honest and just. We’re going to bring out some differences here. We’ve established a lot of unity. And I’m looking for clarity. This isn’t to emphasize the difference.

Cobra, you have stated that the artificial intelligence that Corey kind of delineates that I would call the plasma scalar field mind-control network, which is multi-dimensional and it is reinforced by physical technology, but you say that it can be turned off and is part of a scalar plasma fence, which is linked to certain Cabal members and Chimera, including toplet and strangelet bombs, the point being that this is a sophisticated supercomputer that reacts so fast that it appears to be sentient. Can you talk about that version of your understanding of this control network?

Cobra: Okay, it’s a matter of terminology. Basically, what we have here is sentient organic intelligence that uses technology, that actually uses technology as its body. Fuzzy logic software program is part of that body. So one person could say, “Hey, this is artificial intelligence. This program thinks and makes decisions.” When in reality, there is a being behind that program that makes decisions and is assisted to a great degree by that program.

So if you would look from a certain perspective, what would appear is that the program is making decisions. But there is always an entity, a living being, free will, which is behind those decisions. And the Chimera group has invented so-called artificial intelligence millions upon millions of years ago and has tried to spread its infection throughout the galaxy through scalar plasma networks. And they were successful to a certain degree, but I would say that the most evolved cosmic races know how to deal with that.

Rob: Thank you. Corey, you have a slightly different version. Could you talk about your understanding? And, I guess, some of this is coming from the glass pads, but you’ve stated that it’s its own thing, kind of like the Terminator or the Borg, as we said. Could you share the information? You’ve said that it’s actually infected multiple galaxies. Can you comment on your version? And then we’ll have you comment on each others comments.

Corey: Some of what Cobra said sounds like a little bit of a mixture of  two different technologies if I’m understanding him correctly. I could be misunderstanding him. There is a scalar mind-control grid that has been around the Earth as long as there have been humans, you know, walking around. We can simplify it and call it a mind-control grid or a control grid.

There are two giant cruisers, or ships, that are not occupied. They are controlled by, basically, what we would call computer program. They complete the circuit of this control grid, most of which is down on the Earth. This is something that can be shut down. They’ve talked about shutting it down, but they think that shutting it down . . . it’s going to be very rough on humanity if . . . It’s the excuse their using for not shutting it down.

But the fact is that newer Special Access Program groups have studied this technology and they’re mimicking it and they’re using it for their own means. The inter dimensional AI signal that I’m talking about is a signal that was broadcast and it came in from another reality many, many millions, if not billions, of years ago. It cascaded its way through multiple galaxies, and in the manner I’ve described, it has infiltrated people’s bio neural fields. It has infiltrated technology and exploited technology, but it’s not technology. It’s not an actual artificial intelligence technology that’s created by organic beings here. It is a pervasive signal that now broadcasts itself through relay systems that it has tricked organic beings into creating for it.

This is something that these more technologically and spiritually advanced beings can deal with. Many, many, many lower-tech civilizations that are a thousand years more developed than ours on the surface are subject to having to deal with this threat.

Rob: Okay. This is completely different. Cobra, can you comment on or have you heard of this other kind of universal AI intelligence? Corey has stated that this intelligence lays nascent in hiding and then comes out, influences organic beings to create technology that it can then live inside. It can actually be in a computer. If you touch a technology, it can infect you and then it can receive from you. It has its own intelligence, he said. Cobra, can you confirm this? Can you say that you understand this or do you have a different view?

Cobra: Okay, my understanding is that this is plasma consciousness that can use technology as a vehicle of spreading the virus. I can confirm that this virus has infected one part of this galaxy, one part of the Andromedan galaxy, and one part of the M33 Galaxy and Triangulum, and to a very, very limited degree certain other galaxies in the local cluster of the galaxies. I can also say that the Resistance Movement has dealt with that issue and for their own society they have handled the issue. So if somebody would like to enter the Resistance Movement, they need to go through a certain cleansing process. It is something like a shower. You need to take a certain shower that removes all parts of that signal before you can even enter their region below the surface.

And they have also assisted quite much in removing this from the surface. They have not been 100% successful, but they have been very successful, and they have actually introduced a certain technology into shower gels through certain multinational corporations. And people using those shower gels were actually . . . they were being assisted in the removal of that virus, that signal. And, again, it was not 100% successful because the Chimera group have their own means in maintaining this, and the easiest way for them to maintain this is with people who are the most mind-controlled and the most under the plasma influence.

Corey: There is a plan that’s a part of the natural process of what’s going to occur with the energetic waves coming in to our solar system through our sun, there’s going to be an event that’s going to completely purge the signal from our solar system at some point.

Cobra: This is exactly what I’m speaking about the removal of this plasma scalar field removal of Yaldabaoth, this octopus entity, and this is exactly the Event. When this plasma field is removed, that is the moment of the Compression Breakthrough.

Corey: A solar event that’s going to have a lot of issues with electrical equipment and stuff like that, but it’s going to be what’s needed to push that signal out while they’re reintroducing some other very advanced technologies that will not be as vulnerable to this signal.

Rob: That will kind of put a shield up for us. That’s great. One more question on this for you, Cobra, was: “He said that this . . .” – the inter dimensional part. You were saying that it’s connected, it’s a technology, it can be turned off. From what you guys are describing this signal still is going to exist but it’s going to be pushed off the Earth but is still involved in other parts of our super-cluster of various galaxies.

Corey: Well, what’s occurring is these advanced groups have created a dampening field that does not allow the signal to broadcast within the sphere of this dampening field like most of them do. And I guess it is a shield of sorts. It effectively neutralizes the signal.

Cobra: Okay, according to my sources, the increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun is precisely the means to erase that signal from the galaxy. So the increased flow of particles, and I’m speaking of physical and nonphysical particles, and waves of energy, it is a purging effect that will actually clean the whole galaxy. This signal will not exist anymore, anywhere.  It’s an anomaly. It’s an aberration, and it will be removed.

And this is what the gnostics speak about when they say “correction of the original sin” and the “original sin” was actually an anomaly, which needs to be corrected and it’s corrected with this new energy which will heal the distorted space/time structure and this signal, which is just one aspect of the cosmic anomaly.

Corey: The information I have heard is that galaxy wide, the signal will usually return after a 1,000 years, which galactic-wide is not very much time after different galaxies have had their galactic emanations. It’s a pernicious problem, but it’s one that can be managed especially as we progress spiritually and technologically and catch up to these other groups.

Rob: Okay, thank you. I had a brief conversation with Alex Collier recently – I’m going to do another interview with him – and he was more along the lines of Cobra that it’s a technology-type of thing and kind of said that it’s a, and from his understanding with his conversation with the Andromedans, that it’s different. So I guess we’ll have to wait a 1,000 years and hopefully disclosure will reveal a lot of this information for us.

I wanted to go into something here. I was going to save it for later, but we’ve talked about the clearing of this energy from the heliopause with a system. Dr. Frank Stranges also spoke about this at a certain point in time . . . and I want to talk about the cleansing technology. He maintains that when he went on board the ship, the Victor One, with Commander Valiant Thor, that they kind of walked you . . . it’s like a magnetic field kind of thing that cleansed him before he could go on board. His clothes were taken off and this type of thing.

I’ve also heard from the past Atlantean, some transcripts I’ve read, that they take this artificial intelligence thing very seriously. Fred Bell had indicated to me, as well as Bob Reynaud of the TerraKor Files, has indicated that when an ET, who has been serving in the Earth situation, before they’re allowed to go back to their planet, they have an extremely prolonged security debriefing protocol, which is really more of an luminous and a soul-energetic cleansing to make sure this AI is not in there. Have you – either of you . . . Can you confirm this technology has been around for a long time and a lot of worlds are very, very concerned when people return from earth how about this? Corey, first, I guess?

Corey: Yeah, absolutely. We were warned and warned and warned by these different non-terrestrial groups not to mess around with this AI signal or these different artificial intelligence technologies that developed from information that we received from this inter dimensional AI signal.

Rob: Of course, the ICC and the Nazis disregard it and that’s our state of being.

Corey: Yeah, yeah. And not only that, they started using this AI’s probable future technologies to help them stay one step ahead. There’re so many times we heard that the Cabal’s going to go down. There’s going to be mass arrests. Well, they’ve been able to stay one step ahead of a lot of the Alliance moves with this technology.

But this technology has not been working for them recently. That’s another thing that’s thrown them in disarray. They’d become so heavily reliant on this probable future technology, and it’s not just using remote viewing and all these different things, but they’re now falling back on them.

They used to have all these different ways of looking at probable futures, but these certain factions became so reliant on this AI probable future technology that now they’re in chaos, because it’s not working for them.

Rob: Cobra, can you comment on the positive light workers that go through this? You say the Resistance members made humans go through that. Is there any of the Resistance or the positive ET technologies when their groups are down here and they go back up? Do they have to go through this cleansing as well? It’s not like you consciously engage this stuff. It comes into you subtly through your subconscious. Is that correct?

Cobra: For the Resistance members that come to the surface and go back, it’s quite a process. They go, as I said, through something that looks like a shower. Then they go through a shower that is actually a scanning device, and it scans their physical body, etheric body, plasma body, astral body, mental body, everything, and removes every kind of infection before they can enter. And then, of course, they have the medical check. They have other checks before they can enter again. And this is quite a procedure. And this is really why they don’t like to come to the surface because they know when they come back they have to go through all that process.

And the surface of the planet is infected and they know that. And they are very careful about this. The technologies to disinfect the surface will be available at the time of the Event, not before. When the Light forces have more power than the occupation forces, this is when the technology breakthrough will happen at the same time as the Event.

I was not speaking about this before, but there are certain technologies that the Resistance have and other Light forces have that will be brought to the surface at the moment of the Event that will disinfect the surface from many things. This is one part of the Compression Breakthrough.

So the living standards on the surface are artificially low also because of this. This infection creeps into the consciousness of human beings and this is why they are so depressed, so uninspired. And I would say the vast majority of human conflicts that are happening are engineered. They are not real. And this is all orchestrated by this technology.

Rob: Well, this is wonderful. It confirms a lot of the information that I’ve had. You buys have both confirmed that this technology exists.

Corey: I realized I didn’t answer your question directly, but yes, full spectrum decontamination is a standard operating procedure for just about any group when you’re mingling with a group other than yours or you’re going out of a controlled environment into what we will call an alien environment for them.

Rob: Yes, I’ve also heard they have extensive psychological questions and answers even after the screening that they’re very careful when a person returns. It’s very interesting. So that’s it, folks, we can look forward to some, I guess we can call them virus showers. I’ll get one and I don’t care if we’re out of hot water, I want one.

So that’s very interesting. I’m glad we cleared up this information in regards to the AI intelligence there for you folks. My suggestion that I talked about long ago in 2012 on Cobra’s portal was my understanding is that it feeds off the mind and your focus, so you can starve this field through entering into the silence and you have the will of your own thoughts and your own decisions to disregard these negative impulses if you hold fast to a virtuous life.

So here we have another question that kind of relates to this event breakthrough plasma field clearing of the Earth. It was noted on the official NASA website – we’ve talked about this energy and the cosmic winds coming from the sun – on the Internet it showed that the magnetic fields of the Earth actually kind of went into kind of a calm state. Can either of you comment on that recent event? Was that a technological thing that didn’t register or was this an actual change in the Earth’s magnetic fields that took place recently? I think it was about within a week to 10 days ago.

Corey: Well, yeah, the Earth’s magnetic field is connected directly to the sun’s, and as the sun is going through these different changes as the cosmic energy is funneling through it through the cosmic web, there’s going to be interaction. It’s going to ebb and flow – the electrical field of the planet.

Rob: Okay, so this was kind of a natural change that had a kind of a . . . it went to pretty much a zero calm state with the cosmic . . .

Corey: The report that the shield drops was incorrect that they went completely down. I’ve seen reports . . . I have a bunch of emails. I had asked about that in my last briefing and I saw the charts and stuff. It did not drop completely.

Rob: No, no, no. It didn’t drop completely, but it definitely changed.

Cobra: I would put it this way. Every planet on . . . and every star has a plasma field around it, and the plasma field around the sun is called the solar wind. And the plasma field around the Earth is interacting with that solar wind. The magnetic field shapes and curves the plasma entity and the plasma entity is not just particle, it’s a living being. And in the case of this solar system, the plasma being is called Yaldabaoth, the octopus entity. And there are many Light forces working on transformation of that plasma entity. It’s actually an entity which is trapped into cosmic anomaly.

And what is happening is that the Light forces are sending energies of healing and transformation in this plasma entity and this is why the oscillation and perturbations in the solar winds are happening. And NASA has released an image or a video animation of a spiral movement of the solar wind which looks exactly like an octopus. This is scientific confirmation of the intel I have been releasing. It’s actually a living being which reacts to our cosmic winds, cosmic forces.

And the heliopause is the area where the solar winds, the solar plasma field and this entity meets the interstellar wind or so-called galactic consciousness. And the galactic wind, interstellar wind, is part of the galactic plasma entity which is called Pleroma in some old gnostic sources. The Pleroma is the light emanation of the Galactic Central Sun and it creates . . . It actually brings light to the whole galaxy. And this interstellar galactic field is an Ocean of Love. So when this, I would say, not-healed solar system entity, this octopus, meets the Ocean of Love, this is where the healing happens. This is one way of describing it.

And the region where that happens is the heliopause. This is why there is so much focus on the heliopause recently. And whatever happens there then, actually, it cascades down through the whole solar system and will eventually trigger the Event on the planet Earth. And the changes in the Earth’s magnetosphere and the Earth’s plasma field, Van Allen belts, is a direct consequence of what is happening in the heliopause right now.

Rob: Very good. And, folks, Dr. Bell was speaking about this in his book, “Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light”, about 15 years ago, explaining, of course, we have various beings that we live in. We are a being and we’re supporting many bacterial lives just as we have a planet that has a life that is part of the solar system. And the sun would be considered the pineal gland. The Earth would be considered the heart chakra. Our sun is considered the heart chakra in the local system of which the Pleiades is the pineal gland and all of this is connected to the one life of the central super universe cluster through our galactic central sun called “Alohae” and then this energy is transmuted to the sun and that people of the Earth, our consciousness, is actually required . . . We have the power to stave off higher cataclysmic events with our attunment to this life force. The Earth is resonant to that. Would you agree with that that the Earth people have an influence on the relationship between the Earth and how it reacts or to the S and P waves of the solar system radiations, Cobra?

Cobra: Yes, of course, because every consciousness has influence on every other consciousness. I would say every cell and living organism of the galaxy has a say on what’s going on here. And as I said before, if there is healing taking place here on the surface of the planet, that creates huge waves of energy throughout the galaxy simply because the Earth is the focal point of the resolution of the cosmic anomaly. And this is not by chance that the planet Earth was chosen with a very highly evolved cosmic architect to be the focal point, the melting pot, of various races when very different, divergent galactic cultures could interact and resolve this cosmic anomaly.

This is why everybody wanted to come here. This is why the Dracos came here. This is why the Orions came here. This is why the Pleiadians came here. This is why everybody wanted to be here to take part in this experience and, on a very deep level, everybody wanted to resolve this cosmic anomaly.

And now we’re in the final phases so why this is happening right here is the focal point of the whole galaxy to resolve this and bring the galaxy back into balance.

Actually, there is an old galactic prophecy of the time when the whole galaxy will be light when the galactic network of Light will be completed and planet Earth and the solar system is the last point to be included in that galactic network of Light. And everybody’s waiting for the transformation to be completely here.

Rob: Right. And we can be part of the transformation. Corey, we talked about my little thing on the sun, if you want to comment on that or Cobra’s stuff?

Corey: Yeah, and what’s playing out here on Earth is playing out on multiple planets within the 52 stars in our local star cluster. The heliopause leaves off with (where) the heliopause of Alpha Centauri leaves off and begins. So these stars in the local star cluster are also connected, not only through the cosmic web, but in a more direct way through physically, you know, directly.

And in our local staff cluster there have been all of these different planets that have had these Draco groups and other groups kicking dirt and causing problems just like they’ve been doing here in our solar system. So there are a lot of things playing out on different planets in our local star cluster. And all of it’s tied together and all of it has to come together in some huge beautiful cosmic symphony.

We’re more focused on what’s going on in our solar system, and we’ve seen many intel about what’s going on in our solar system, but our local star cluster has been a big issue for the wider galaxy. And that is something that is being corrected at this time.

Rob: So we have a lot going on and most of us just need to focus on our own lives really and just raise our vibration. All this is very interesting. Corey, you probably are not aware, but Cobra has put out a very powerful document that I resonated and a lot of people resonated with, and it’s called the Galactic Codex. And it’s kind of like the laws of hanbury or the code of ethics or the Ten Commandments . . . it’s kind of a statement that is allegedly used throughout the galaxy and determines a planet’s free will.

I’m going to have Cobra break this down for you and then I’d like you to tell me if you’ve heard about this. For many of us, for me, it’s very valid and it’s been violated. And that’s why we’re having engagements with some of these regressive ETs.

Corey: Yeah, I’ve heard of these edicts, these things being set up. They’re slightly different for every solar system, for every culture, depending then on how they developed. The root of them are basically the same.

Rob: Cobra, could you share your Galactic Codex? Is this a galactic codex or is it different solar system by solar system from your knowledge?

>>>> Read on ……

Source: The Promise Revealed » Corey Goode – Cobra interview w/ Rob Potter – Part 2


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