Overseas Singaporean – Bjorn Low – The Singaporean Urban Farme

Bjorn Low – The Singaporean Urban Farme

It’s a little known fact that historic Dempsey Hill was once part of a large nutmeg plantation back in the 1850s, and over 160 years later, the area has returned to its agricultural roots through farm community project Open Farm Community. This thriving urban farm, coupled with a dining concept, is part of a movement that advocates urban farming.

The driving force behind this movement is Bjorn Low, the founder of urban farm consultancy Edible Garden City, who designs, builds and maintains food gardens in urban locations around Singapore. Bjorn has a wealth of farming experience after devoting a good number of years to working in organic farms around the United Kingdom (UK), before returning home to champion urban farming.

Stepping into the world of agriculture and sustainability

While in the UK, Bjorn was exposed to concepts of environmental sustainability and global food security – issues he had not given much thought to while growing up. “My time in London gave me the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. It was an unexpected turning point in my life,” Bjorn said.

It was then he decided to commit to a different way of life, one that was more economical and environmentally-friendly. In pursuing sustainable farming and agriculture, Bjorn subsequently spent a few more years working as an apprentice farmer in parts of the UK and Mid Wales, even taking up a diploma in biodynamic farming along the way.

Grazing at Old Chapel Farm, Mid Wales

Unsurprisingly, Bjorn’s decision to become an urban farmer did not go down well with his family.

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Source: Overseas Singaporean – Bjorn Low – The Singaporean Urban Farme


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