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Thank you very much, Allen, for sharing with us your part of the world in Spring. I love the photo of oung spring shoots of the white baneberry (Actaea pachypoda). It’s very lovely and look like a human carrying a child. I hope that you’re doing well and in good health. I’ve been very, very busy and Spring is one of those seasons where there are lots of garden work to do. Had to redo a slope where a new sewer line as repaired and it takes a toll on my back. Also had been taking driving lessons and I still have 3 more lessons left before the actual test .. so .. yes .. have been extremely busy. Thot that I’d update you about the corner of our world here in PA. Namaste

New Hampshire Garden Solutions

1. Striped Maple

Some of the most beautiful things that happen in a northeastern forest are happening right now, and I hope everyone living in the area will have a chance to witness them. Bud break, when a plant’s bud scales open to reveal the new leaves within, can be a very beautiful thing, as we see here in the velvety pink buds of striped maple (Acer pensylvanicum.) The larger center bud’s scales have just opened and leaves will appear shortly. Bud break can go on for quite some time among various species; striped and sugar maples follow cherry, and birch and beech will follow them, and shagbark hickory will follow birch and beech. Oaks are usually one of the last to show leaves. That’s just a small sampling that doesn’t include shrubs like lilac and forest floor plants that also have buds breaking.

2. Horsetail

Even the lowly horsetails are breaking bud beautifully…

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