Cosmic Disclosure Season 4 – Episode 7: Viewer Questions Part 3 – Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock | Stillness in the Storm

In part 3 of viewer questions, Corey Goode and David Wilcock discuss so-called Planet X or Nibiru, the energy barrier placed around the solar system by the Sphere Beings, why they are “hiding” from the public, what we can do to speed up disclosure, and much more. The dialogs being brought forth via the Cosmic Disclosure series seem to be acting as a collective catalyst for the awakening community. Almost every topic of interest is covered within these conversations, which can be helpful in re-examining beliefs and perspectives that have become well entrenched. We need not believe everything in order to gain insights by what is offered.

The theories surrounding Planet X or Nibiru are manifold, ranging in scope and outlook. Some claim that a large planetary body or dark star orbits our sun at a long elliptical orbit, causing havoc as it comes back into the solar system. Others claim that this planetary body exists beyond the orbit of Neptune, home to either extraterrestrial or SSP bases. Goode offers no confirmation or denial of these claims, referring only to the fact that several large bodies exist in the outer solar system, according to SSP sources. As such, the claims of other insiders that do make reference to facilities there are not disproven by Goode’s testimony. One should not conclude that lack of confirmation on his part is refutation for one theory or another.

The aloofness of the Sphere Beings has been a source of frustration for those seeking more tangible proof of their existence. Some contend if they revealed themselves to the people that it would help galvanize the awakening community which so desperately wants to realize meaningful change. Goode shared on his website that the Sphere Beings have already attempted direct contact with the people of Earth on three separate occasions, but in each case, their teachings were distorted. The Sphere Beings are most likely the same entity which channeled the Law of One, known as Ra but have not explicitly confirmed this yet.

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If this is the case, it suggests they employ the ways of mystery. This issue of proof and evidence especially with regard to the Sphere Beings has come up before. In July of 2015, we shared a post discussing why the ways of mystery are so important in order to ensure each individual and the collective has the maximum potential for soul growth, which is the primary goal of the Sphere Beings and universe as a whole.

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Briefly, if the goal of the Sphere Beings and creation are harmonized, which is to develop self-mastery within each being or to encourage enlightenment, then a certain technique must be used. Life in this sense provides us opportunities to grow and learn as a function of overcoming challenges, whether they be minor or major. This allows knowledge to be distilled and then lived out via experience to become wisdom. Without this process of living the truth, consciousness cannot grow into its full potential. For example, if one has knowledge of why kindness and compassion are healing for others, in order to really prove this to themselves, they must actually be kind and compassionate. This takes a belief or something we had faith in, and makes it real, it turns it into an actual experience of knowing. Without the opportunity to step into wisdom, an individual only has belief or theory to work with. Knowledge must be tested by experience to enhance discernment and integration, so as to develop real skills and empowerment.

Furthermore, the Sphere Being message or their philosophy is what is important, not who they are or what their history is. And that message can be summed up in one simple phrase, to know thyself in all ways. If everyone on Earth simply developed self-knowledge in all areas possible, then it would lead to an acknowledgment of the interconnected nature of reality, revealing that what we do and how we act towards each other shapes the world we live in. The power of our co-creative consciousness is made manifest through the actions we take, which are guided by the consciousness we develop within. One of the harder truths one can face is that the Cabal manipulate our consciousness so that we become pawns for their plans via mind control techniques and subtle suggestions.

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The only way to undo pervasive conditioning which touches everyone on the planet is to regain control over one’s own mind. No one can do this for us because it was our free will choices that invested our consciousness in these programs. This is one of the reasons I think why the Sphere Beings do not want to appear openly to us because we’d be so enamored by who they are, we would forget that what they are saying is the most important thing they have to offer us. Ultimately they are only our older brothers and sisters in creation, not some kind of gods that must be worshiped. But due to our conditioning, most people will forsake the inner work because making contact with an extraterrestrial can be so exciting, and as such can be a huge distraction with regard to the soul work we came here to do.

In a way, their choice not to appear to humanity in a grand UFO fly over or via contacts with world leaders is a blessing. It provides us the focus we need to change ourselves, which is ultimately solution to all our problems. Humanity and it’s lack of consciousness created the world we see today; therefore, only by reclaiming our sovereignty and becoming masters of ourselves and in turn the world around us, can we develop solutions that truly address the problems we face. And the Sphere Beings know this, hence their stance of not appearing to humanity on masse, especially those who have stopped doing the inner work because they are looking for saviors. In this way, if you think your progress as an evolving soul requires ET contact, then it most likely won’t happen as it would create a co-dependency with you made contact with.

In harmony with this topic, the viewers also ask how one can help with full disclosure. Goode states what was just discussed above, that in order to prepare the way for full disclosure we must “get some skin in the game.” We need to be more proactive in changing ourselves, undoing our social programming and continuing to make strides in our own lives. This sends waves of change into the collective consciousness of humanity that steer events in our favor.

The Cabal are a small group able to accomplish much due to their unity and focus in achieving their desires. The awakening community out number the Cabal and has the truth on its side. Goode underscores that unity and cooperation are needed at this time. We must learn how to focus on what unites us instead of what divides us. We already know from his disclosure of paid government trolls that much of the infighting taking place within the truther community is by design, yet we keep feeding into it due our lack of self-reflection.

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Once the community has united, set aside our small personal differences, and works towards collective change, the world will shift very quickly. Goode says that focusing on improving yourself is the foundation for all other work. For we can not share something with others we do not have to give within ourselves. The mind control of intolerance and close-mindedness must be healed and transcended so that as a community we become immune to manipulation from the Cabal.

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Given that benevolent ET races want humanity to grow up and become an active partner in cosmic evolution, the best way to speed up disclosure and contact is to clean up our own house. For no highly advanced race would want to be considered gods, they want us to consider them our brothers and sisters.

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Source: Cosmic Disclosure Season 4 – Episode 7: Viewer Questions Part 3 – Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock | Stillness in the Storm


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