Arcturian Group Message April 17, 2016 |

Rainbow Wave of Light


APRIL 17, 2016

We speak to the many concepts  humanity in general still holds about God.  Beliefs and superstitious ideas regarding the nature of an invisible power took form when mankind was still very ignorant and unable to comprehend  real truth.
General consciousness at that time consisted primarily of fear and survival  and so these dear un-awakened ones created for themselves things, ideas, or people they believed would have the power to save and  smite their enemies–gods who reflected their state of consciousness.  These gods were vengeful and violent–early forms of  god made in man’s image and likeness.
Concepts of God have remained a part of mans’ belief system from the very beginning when souls came to earth and forgot who they were–spiritual beings dancing and experimenting with matter, then believing  themselves to be the matter, and thus creating  a veil of forgetfulness.
Every soul seeks someone…

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